COVID-19 Resources and Data

Artemis Health is here for you during the Coronavirus outbreak and all the challenges surrounding it. We've put together helpful resources to enable our customers, employees, and communities to respond with data, not fear. We will update and add resources as the situation progresses.

“Return to Work” Webinar Series

Employers and advisors around the country are searching for ways to cope with and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In this on-demand webinar miniseries, we’ll hear from Artemis Health clients. They’ll share how they’re using their benefits data to plan a return-to-work strategy that works for their organization and employees. 


Return to Work


GE Appliances and LG&E

Benefits leaders from GE Appliances and LG&E and KU Energy share how they are using healthcare analytics to take action during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss foundational principles for using your benefits data in your business’ return to work strategy and steps benefits leaders can take to support the health and safety of employees.

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We hear from Artemis client Travelers on how they are using their benefits data to pinpoint hotspots at different offices and assign a risk score to each location. We discuss key measures being used to evaluate risk, estimate impact, and plan to reintroduce people into the workforce safely.

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See Artemis in Action

Artemis experts give you an inside look at the Artemis Platform. We demonstrate how clients are using benefits data analytics to address COVID-19, show you strategic ways to conduct your own analyses, and examine a custom analysis to help employers and advisors measure the financial impact of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 Webinar Series

Employers and advisors around the country are searching for ways to cope with and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In this on-demand webinar series, you’ll hear from experts working with providers on the front lines of the Coronavirus situation discuss Artemis Health’s COVID-19 data analysis efforts.

MARCH 24, 2020

Episode 1

We look at a custom COVID-19 Risk Assessment analysis, explore how employers can take action for their members, and hear from Dr. Rance Hutchings on how he is working with providers who are treating the earliest COVID-19 patients in Washington State.  View slides ›

MARCH 31, 2020

Episode 2

We examine the risk of COVID-19 to immunosuppressed groups, discuss requests and questions from Artemis clients, and showcase how to identify and use credible data sources related to the Coronavirus outbreak.  View slides ›

APRIL 7, 2020

Episode 3

We discuss COVID-19 risk profiles, proxies for per episode cost, historical utilization of exploratory drug treatments, approaches for predicting the impacts of the disease based on currently available assumptions and data, and how employers might use simple predictive models themselves. View slides ›

APRIL 14, 2020

Episode 4

We compare COVID-19 to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic to find commonalities and debunk myths, look at areas of medical spending that may rise or fall due to COVID-19, and give you a sneak peak at that claims data we should all be watching as the pandemic progresses. View slides ›

May 12, 2020

Episode 5

We examine return to work philosophies from a data and clinical perspective, discuss preventative steps organizations can take to help keep employees safe and healthy, and explore ways employers can incorporate population immunity into their strategy. View slides ›

May 26, 2020

Episode 6

We look closely at the process and probability of a COVID-19 immunization, with a focus on how employers can utilize existing seasonal flu vaccination programs to prepare.  View slides ›

Ebook: Predicting the Impact of COVID-19 with Data

Learn how data can help Benefits Leaders predict the impact of COVID-19 coronavirus on their employee populations in this timely ebook.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Story

Our analytics and clinical teams worked together to develop a custom analysis in the Artemis Platform. It explores the potential risk by age group and for those with chronic conditions. Watch the video to see how this might help you make data-driven decisions around COVID-19.


COVID-19 Blog Posts

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