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Unlock the power of your clients'  data.

Our easy-to-use tools help you monitor all your clients’ data, proactively track employee engagement, and hold vendors accountable. All in one place.

Our customers include:

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We'll help you shine a light on your clients' benefit data.

We've made it simple to get a complete view of all your clients' benefit programs. We'll let you see the potential impact of new or existing programs on-the-fly, so you can stay ahead of trends and finally say "hasta la vista" to working in the dark.

What makes us different.

The Artemis Platform is more than just another data warehouse. It's a set of tools that helps you identify opportunities, build business cases, and measure results in your clients' benefit programs. On top of that, we stand out by offering you all this:

We’re easy to use.

Our simple and straight-forward interface gives you a clear picture of your clients’ benefit programs.

We give you unlimited users.

We let you share the right data with the right people with no restrictions. For free.

Get actually actionable data.

This isn’t code for “we have charts!” We surface problems and solutions you can actually do something about.

We’re fast and flexible.

We integrate with virtually any data set, and provide lightning-fast query times.

Have all the data. Like all of it.

From disability, to wellness, and everything in between, we give you access to all your clients’ benefit data. All in one place.

Easily share insights.

Find something good for one client? Simply click a button to share it with the rest of your clients.

Helpful partner resources.

We got your back. Let us help educate your clients and save you time with these ready-to-share Artemis resources.

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