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Benefits Analytics Tools FAQs

Artemis delivers fast answers, allowing you to efficiently manage benefits programs.

If I have to make one more pie chart using a spreadsheet tool, I’m going to scream.

Kick your spreadsheets to the curb. We built proprietary visualization tools that make it quick and easy to go from raw data to charts and graphs that tell a story. And did we mention you can share them with the click of a button?

How do I verify if a new program will impact my client’s bottom line?

Want to see a preview of how new programs might perform, their potential ROI, and even their predicted cost savings? We’ve got good news for you. We do that, too.

But what about benchmarking? I need to know how this population stacks up.

Artemis includes benchmarking data, plus filters and tools to help you segment member groups, find out how they compare, and track their progress over time.

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