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Benefits Data Platform FAQs

Artemis Health has the answers to your benefits data platform FAQs.

I don’t have the bandwidth to do custom analyses for all my clients.

There’s only one of you, so that’s why we made it easy to conduct one in-depth analysis, then roll it out for all your clients. Explore everything from inefficient Rx spending to population health.

Medical claims, schmedical claims. How about other data feeds?

You’re ahead of the game, and so are we. Our tools make quick work of comparing data feeds like medical, prescription, eligibility, wellness, biometrics, dental, and more. That’s how you’ll find real, reliable intelligence.

Vendor data feeds are all formatted differently. How do you account for that?

We integrate with virtually any data set and do the heavy lifting on our end. That way, you can focus on making the connections that help your clients get the most from their benefits programs.

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