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How Can Artemis Health Help You?

Finally — Integrate all your health benefits data in a single platform.

See all your data in one place

The Artemis platform has the flexibility and speed to include all your current (and future) vendors. No more waiting for reports — Artemis makes it easy to see ALL your data in context and share it with anyone.

Uncover hidden savings

The Artemis platform automatically monitors your health data, pointing out problem areas and quantifiable solutions. It’s like having an army of analysts combing through your data 24/7.

Know your ROI

Measure the impact of your most important programs with Artemis Health's patent-pending tracking and optimization technology.

Insights at the speed of thought

The Artemis platform automatically identifies and quantifies your largest problems. From there it’s a snap to drill down to root causes with fast and easy slicing & dicing.

Simulate new solutions

With innovative solution models, the Artemis platform makes it easy to predict the impact of your actions and test the ROI of new products, campaigns, and strategies.

Your data is safe with us.

Artemis Health offers industry-leading security to ensure all your important benefits data is secure and private — and stays that way!

White Glove Service & Support

Painless Implementation

We'll quickly and easily integrate all your data sources to put the information you need right at your fingertips in no time.

Dedicated support

We're here when you need us. Connect via in-app chat, phone, or email to get all your questions answered.

Live Training Included

Get your entire team up to speed to ensure you get the most of your investment in the Artemis platform.

Exclusive resources

Tap our extensive knowledge center to maximize the value you see from the Artemis platform.

See for yourself.

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