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Speed, Access, and Partnership:
What Enterprise Benefits Leaders Want and How Brokers and Consultants Can Help

Artemis Health conducted original research with over 300 enterprise benefits leaders. This research paper reveals their motivations, goals, challenges, and relationships with consultants, brokers, and data warehouse partners. Their answers will surprise you.

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The Research: Exploring the Perceptions, Challenges, and Needs of Employee Benefits Leaders

The very nature of employee benefits is changing dramatically — and not least for consultants and brokers. Group plans are becoming more complex. Expectations are rising from employers and employees. And the need for better health, greater productivity, and more favorable financial outcomes are more important than ever. 

To identify the ways that Artemis, brokers, and consultants can work together to meet the needs of large employers and their employees, we sought insight into the perspectives of 300 HR and benefits leaders at enterprise organizations across the U.S. We wanted to understand how benefits leaders are handling these challenges, what they think is key for them to remain competitive, and how consultants and brokers fit into the mix today.

Highlights from the Research 

While 89% place high trust in their benefits advisors...
Only 20% use them as a primary resource for benefits strategy.

say their ability to provide data-driven insights is essential to success.


feel their benefits program is ahead of the curve.

“Ultimately, benefits leaders want to do a really good job for their organization. They’re the ones who hear from employees when things aren’t going well. Oftentimes they hear from employees who are wrestling with very personal and emotional issues. So it makes sense that they want to do the best job for the organization, but also the employees that make up the organization.”
“Perhaps being a trusted source of information is no longer enough to give consultants and brokers a competitive advantage. Maybe benefits leaders are looking for more tangible insights from their partners — more actionable support to face their biggest challenges.”
“So, we see that while benefits leaders have varying personal motivations, they are by and large driven by a greater purpose — a purpose that benefits the entire company rather than just their team or even their own career.”
“Overall, it’s clear that benefits leaders see employee productivity, satisfaction, and health and well-being as directly tied to their department’s value for the organization as a whole. These three goals also tie into a larger trend that CEOs and CHROs everywhere are prioritizing: the employee experience.”

What You’ll Learn 

What motivates enterprise benefits leaders 
How their goals and successes impact the larger work of the organization
Their views on the role of benefits consultants and brokers in their strategy
How benefits leaders are measuring their own success 
The importance of healthcare data analytics and data warehouse partners for benefits teams 
The habits and practices that make benefits leaders feel they are ahead of the curve

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“The key to a strong partnership with employers is providing better insights into their benefits data.”

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