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Artemis Health offers self-insured employers and their benefits advisors data-driven insights. Watch the 2-minute demo video to see how we can help:

  • Find opportunities for benefits cost management

  • Get a holistic view of population health and benefit program performance 

  • Measure employee wellness, productivity, and benefits engagement

Artemis Health offers benefits analytics solutions for employers and advisors. 

Artemis Health helps self-insured employers and benefits advisors make the most of their benefits data. Have you ever attended an industry conference and seen a cool new diabetes management program, musculoskeletal care program, or innovative benefits strategy? How do you know if it will work for your member population?  

Benefits analytics is the key to exploring healthcare hot topics, population health trends, and potential cost savings. The Artemis Health Platform lets you explore out-of-the-box reports, key metrics, actionable overspending, benchmarks, and potential program savings. You can quickly and easily create custom analyses to share with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. 

Artemis Health offers a holistic view of how a program or strategy can offer better health, better value, and better care for employees and their families. 

Artemis Health can help you overcome your challenges with benefits analytics. 

I’m an employer.

I don’t have time for benefits data.
Artemis Health’s fast and flexible tools provide answers in minutes, not months.

I’m not a data analyst. 
Ease of use is where the Artemis Platform really shines; an experienced analyst or a data newbie can both find fast answers.

I don’t know what to do next! 
We work closely with analytic experts and consultants to help employers take action with their benefits data.

I’m too busy with other benefit programs. 
How long does it take you to evaluate, purchase, and roll out a new program? Months? Sometimes years? You don’t have the time (or money) to guess whether or not it will work. A benefits analytics solution will help you choose wisely, measure the impact, and ensure it’s working for your members.

I’m a benefits advisor.

There aren’t enough hours in my day. 
The Artemis Platform makes it easy to create a report once and roll it out to all your clients.

My clients are happy with carrier reports. 
Carrier reports don’t show you a holistic view. Artemis Health integrates ALL your client’s data to find real answers. Think medical, prescription, financial, wellness, dental, vision, and beyond.

Benefits data is nice, but it’s not necessary. 
A benefits analytics solution is a competitive advantage for brokers and consultants. It can help you win and retain clients.

My clients want cost management ideas,
but I don’t know where to start. 
Artemis Health offers pre-built reports and proprietary data models to identify actionable overspending.

Real World Use Case:
What Can Artemis Health Do for You?

Managing benefits costs is suddenly top of mind for everyone in the benefits industry. Self-insured employers are under pressure to contain rising costs, and consultants and brokers are often asked to recommend new tactics and ideas for reducing wasted spend. Artemis Health helps you dive deep into employee benefits analytics, find opportunities to reduce costs, and create better benefits experiences for employees. 

Here’s a good example from the wasted spending often found in pharmacy claims. While some drugs to help control diabetes are inexpensive and available as generics, others are branded and patented. This can make all the difference for the payer. 

Artemis Health worked with a self-insured employer and their benefits broker to look more closely at their spending for one formulation of a Type II Diabetes drug. In the client’s population, we found that 11 members were taking Branded Drug A, which cost the plan approximately $238,000 per year. An additional 16 members were taking Branded Drug B at $61,000 per year. Other Type II Diabetes patients on the plan totaling 1400 people were taking two generic versions of this medication for a total of just $41,000 per year. 

Platform screenshot showing allowed amounts for Branded vs Generic drugs A and B.

Doctors often don’t have access to prescription drug prices when they’re prescribing a drug, and patients only find out the cost when they pick it up at the pharmacy. The broker and employer were able to quickly take action on this overspending by modifying their pharmacy formulary to remove the more expensive formulations of this particular diabetes medication. 

This kind of swift reaction to benefits overspending is how employers and advisors can work together for better, more efficient, and more effective solutions. Artemis Health’s benefits analytics software is the key to finding opportunities, making benefits changes, and helping employees lead healthier lives. 

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