Unlock the power of your benefits data.

Move beyond the data warehouse. The Artemis Platform gives you all the tools you need to improve your benefits programs and become a data-driven super star!

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We make it easy to put your benefits data to work.

The Artemis Platform is more than just another data warehouse. It's a set of tools, we call them "Apps", that help you to identify problems in your programs, share findings, find solutions, and track solutions. It's kinda like a cheat code for your benefits programs.

Identify problems in your programs.

Let us show you where dollars are being left on the table, or go exploring for yourself. It's easy to choose your own adventure in Artemis.

The Apps you'll use:

Actionable Overspending


Share findings with the right people.

We've made it simple and secure to share the right data with the right people. Now you can worry about which story to tell, not how to tell it.

The Apps you'll use:



Find solutions to problems.

Not sure what to do next? We got your back. We'll help you to find the right solutions to improve your program’s bottom line.

The Apps you'll use:

New Program Savings


Easily track your solutions.

Are your programs delivering the savings or improved health you expected? Artemis gives you a clear picture of how your programs are performing.

The Apps you'll use:




What makes us different.

Easy to Use

With a simple and straight-forward interface, it's easy to see exactly what’s happening with your benefits programs. No crystal ball required!

Unlimited Users

You aren’t working in a vacuum, and neither should your data. We let you share the right data with the right people with no restrictions. For free.

Actionable Data

Easily connect, filter, and explore your benefits data, so you can find problems faster and better optimize your benefits programs.

Fast and Flexible

We've built Artemis to integrate with virtually any data set, while providing lightning-fast queries and unlimited scalability.

Unlimited History

Say “hasta la vista” to data limits and roll-offs. We give you access to all your benefits data, forever.

White Glove Treatment

You worry about delivering great benefits and we’ll worry about the rest.

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