Less time spent with us is a good thing.

The Artemis platform provides rich insights, extreme flexibility, and intuitive use – so you can spend less time getting to the right healthcare decisions, and more time acting on them.

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Simplified screen of the Artemis Platform indicating data trends

Don’t get us wrong; we’re here for you when you need it (within 90 seconds, in fact) but with us, digesting your data doesn’t get in the way, it accelerates your ability to drive progress.

Decision Support Tool

Introducing Artemis SDOH Insights

See Social Determinants of Health data like never before— mapped to your population at a granular level so you can improve the decisions you make and the actions you take.

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Screenshots showing efficacy of various programs (Mental Health, Diabetes Management, MSK)

Point Solution Evaluator

Artemis Console

Determine which point solutions are working for your business and how to maximize impact.

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Report Automator

Artemis Cost Advisor

Automate your financial reporting, offering fast, standard reports and provide clarity into your clients’ budgets and medical spending.

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Full Story Generator

Artemis Perspectives

Identify cost-saving opportunities, track high-cost conditions, and build custom reports to surface compelling, actionable stories.

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Ultra-Customizable Analytics

Artemis Ad Hoc Analytics

Gain unmatched access to a deeper level of data without the headache and extensive overhead that typically accompany custom datasets.

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We work with innovators, optimists, and helpers.

Here are some of the hundreds of people who have joined our movement to improve employee healthcare. 

“We have a multi-faceted approach to improving patient outcomes and building high-performance benefits by illuminating our path to transformative strategies. With Artemis by our side, we consistently lower employer costs by delivering an insightful and meaningful benefits experience – creating benefits that matter and, most importantly, saving lives."

Robyn Piper
Partner | Piper Jordan

“There is not a single business case that we put forth to leadership that we have not dug-deep into Artemis data and pulled in multiple (data) sources to tell a story. Artemis, by far, is the most compelling resource we have to identify trends, understand our utilization, and how we can holistically bring solutions that meet various groups of our population where they are on their health and wellbeing journey. Simply put, we would not be successful at our jobs of being stewards of our programs if it were not for the insights and rich data we get from Artemis."

Kate Sanchez
Director of Global Benefits | Fortive Corporation

"We’ve found the Artemis tool to have tremendous functionality and is taking our data analytics beyond initial plans. The self-paced tutorials and definitions built into illustrations are very well done and give users a sense of ownership and confidence. Account team members are timely in responses, flexible and work to understand client goals. The entire Artemis team is open to suggestions in order to ensure a great client experience."

Kate Scherkenbach, CEBS
Total Rewards Manager – Benefits | Baird

"For the past 5 years, Artemis has helped us make data driven decisions which is so important in determining which industry leading solutions will best benefit our associates and their families. We've been able to evaluate the cost and prevalence of skin cancer and various skin conditions within our membership, illustrating and narrowing down to the need for 2-point solutions. My Artemis team continues to be a great partner, providing current relevant analytic stories and provides top notch customer service!"

Joe Toniolo
Senior Director of Health & Welfare Plans | US Foods

Artemis Health offers a next-generation platform for both self-insured employers and their trusted benefits advisors.

Artemis Health for self-insured employers.

You want to improve employee benefits. 

How many times have you sat across from a confused or frustrated employee, trying to help them better understand how their benefit program works or how to access a specialty care management program? Benefits professionals understand the challenges employees face when navigating the healthcare system, and they are often a known resource to those diagnosed with a new chronic disease, facing a cancer diagnosis, or seeking needed care. Employers are laser-focused on the health and well-being of employees and their families.

We can make your job easier. 

You are in a caring profession, and you truly embody the “human” side of human resources. In fact, our recent research revealed that “improving employee health and well-being” is the number one reason many of you get out of bed in the morning. We know we can help make your job easier. We offer the tools and resources you need to improve your benefits offerings, solidify your strategy, and make the case for new programs for your members.

The Artemis Platform will make you smile with: 

Pre-built Reports

Pre-built reports on hot topics

Clear Visualizations

Easy-to-use tools and clear visualizations

Leading Customer Service

Exceptional customer service, including chat support

Learn how Artemis Health helped Wayfair plan
a successful open enrollment using their benefits data.

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Artemis Health for benefits advisors.

You are the experts employers turn to for analytics help. 

Benefits brokers and consultants play a crucial role in helping their employer clients improve employee health and well-being. You are the experts they turn to for questions on everything from benefits plan design to program evaluation to last-minute analytics help. You understand the value of employee benefits data, but you face mountains of it. There are only so many hours in your day, and you’re dealing with dozens of employee populations, not just one.

We can provide fast insights and trusted recommendations.

You want to offer tailored recommendations and more value to your clients, and Artemis Health is here to help. Our benefits analytics platform provides a holistic view of your clients’ benefits data. We make it possible to find insights fast and roll them out to your entire book of business. Artemis will empower you to make trusted, data-driven recommendations.

Here are a few features you’ll love: 

Standard Reports

Out-of-the-box standard reports ready to share with clients

Book of Business Reporting

Fast and flexible platform for easy book of business reporting

Data Enrichments

Benchmarking, Gaps in Care, and many other best-in-class data enrichments

Ebook: Learn how Artemis has helped advisors react
quickly to their clients’ shifting benefits needs.

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Our healthcare analytics platform can shape your benefits strategy.

Monitor population health. 

Keep an eye on risk scores, high-cost claimants, and health trends.

Are your benefits programs really working for your employees? A benefits data solution can help you find out. Our Gaps in Care tools allow customers to improve compliance with best healthcare practices. You can monitor existing programs to show what’s working and what isn’t, plus make the case for new programs to tackle high-cost conditions or address health trends.

Build business cases.

Are your benefits programs really working for your employees?

A benefits data solution can help you find out. Our Gaps in Care tools allow customers to improve compliance with best healthcare practices. You can monitor existing programs to show what’s working and what isn’t, plus make the case for new programs to tackle high-cost conditions or address health trends.

Identify opportunities.

Know what's working and what's not.

With the cost of employee benefits rising each year, benefits leaders are tasked with managing healthcare costs for their organizations. Artemis Health allows you to calculate actionable overspending, find wasted dollars, choose the most effective point solutions, and cut costs without negatively impacting members.

Measure progress.

Measure progress and assess success of interventions.

Use advanced tools and unlimited historical data to track the progress of your members and programs over time. Our Dynamic Cohorts feature lets you compare members of distinct groups, look across multiple data feeds, and see if outcomes or costs are changing as you implement interventions.

Support well-being.

Are your employees getting the care they need?

Artemis Health will help you understand if your employees are accessing the care they need. Unique data models allow customers to take action on in-network variance, inefficient prescription spending, wellness program participation, and more. Your own data is the key to finding opportunities for initiatives that matter.

Be an innovator.

For the innovators making a difference in employee benefits.

Join our community of innovative benefits leaders who utilize cutting-edge technology to make healthcare better for everyone. We offer opportunities for networking and idea-sharing that will help you grow your benefits expertise, stay up to date on industry hot topics, and push your benefits offerings ahead of the curve.

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