How 2020
Has Changed Employee Benefits

Our newest research paper explores how benefits leaders are measured, what motivates them, and how they see their partnerships with benefits advisors.

No more hide and seek—find answers you can trust.

Artemis helps you bridge the gap between data and great benefits decisions. Our next-generation tools and support enable benefits teams to justify better programs for their members and drive their benefits strategy. Whether you’re looking for out-of-the-box insights or custom analyses, we have the answers to your stickiest benefits questions.

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What our clients have found.

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The initiatives that you do are going to be more successful.”

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Benefit leaders need to put an absolute priority on the data.”

Hassan Azar customer testimonial video preview

You can’t keep delaying gaining a better understanding of your benefits programs.”

Fighting Fear with Data | The Artemis Response to COVID-19

We've put together helpful webinars, whitepapers, and product stories to enable our customers, employees and communities to respond with data, not fear.

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Get smart on employee benefits.

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Artemis Platform screenshot of Diabetes Drug Cost Brand vs Generic.
Artemis Platform screenshot of detailed Diabetes Drug Cost Fortamet vs Metformin...

Identify opportunities.

Find ready-made insights and quick wins to get the most out of your spend. Artemis brings answers to the surface so you don’t have to dig. Or get deeper insights with custom analytic tools. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel for benefits data.

Build business cases.

Drive a successful benefits strategy with our easy-to-use tools. Get the proof you need to justify new programs, calculate costs, and make your case to stakeholders.

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Artemis Platform screenshot of visualizations of a business case.
Artemis Platform screenshot of demographic spread of Type II Diabetes Rx claims.
Artemis Platform screenshot of Visualization of Measure Results.
Artemis Platform screenshot of Measure results within Standard Stories.
Artemis Platform screenshot of spread of members with Type II diabetes claims.

Measure results.

Keep a close eye on program performance. Whether it’s a wellness challenge or a formulary change, find out what’s truly working for you and your population.

We’ve got everyone covered.


Identify opportunities.
Build business cases.
Measure results.
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Find cost savings.
Get answers fast.
Improve recommendations.
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Get to know us better.

Find out what your benefits data can do for you.

  • Find opportunities to improve your benefits

  • Get a holistic view of your programs and population

  • Measure employee productivity and engagement

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