Benefits Data Analytics for Advisors

Artemis Health helps brokers and consultants make data-driven recommendations to their clients. Our cutting-edge benefits analytics platform and our helpful team partner with you to identify health improvement and cost savings opportunities.

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Simplified screen of the Artemis Platform indicating data trends

Artemis for Advisors

Artemis’ next-generation benefits analytics platform helps brokers and consultants take control of their clients’ employee benefits data. Our tools and services make it easy to design successful benefits strategies.

Here are some ways we help.

“Data should help me retain clients, not take up even more of my billable hours.”

Fast Insights.

A combination of pre-built analyses (our Standard Stories) and custom deep dive functionality means both expert analysts and data newbies can get the most from their benefits data. Build a helpful analysis once, then roll it out across your entire book of business.

“My clients are demanding data, but I’m not an analytics expert.”

Easy, Flexible Interface.

Artemis gathers benefits data from any source in any format and connects it for trustworthy insights. Our powerful data management engine matches members across data sources, while our intuitive user interface adds data enrichments (benchmarks, risk score methodologies, and proprietary data models). You can look at all your benefits data in one beautiful place.

“I don’t have the bandwidth to give even my smaller clients the data they want.”

Improved Recommendations.

Our powerful data management engine helps us implement multi-client organizations quickly and efficiently. You can look at all your clients’ data, benchmark across your book of business, and find opportunities for them all in one, beautiful place.

What Benefits Leaders Say About Artemis Health

Benefits leader testimonial video preview

“Our partnership with Artemis has been really terrific because of the level of curiosity that the folks at Artemis have [about the data].”

Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits


Hassan Azar testimonial video preview

“With a tool like Artemis we can really see the story behind all the data points and see what the big picture really is.”

Hassan Azar, Benefits Leader & Consultant

Jason Parrott testimonial video preview

“Artemis’ uber-simple platform enables anybody, and I mean anybody, to tap in and get analytical reports that are meaningful, useful, actionable, and timely.”

Jason Parrot, SVP of Enterprise Growth and Partnerships

Vida Health

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Wayfair Uses Artemis For Successful
Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the busiest time of year for benefits teams, but it’s also a unique opportunity to impact the way employees use their benefits. In this case study, we’ll showcase how Artemis and Wayfair used data analytics to plan a successful Open Enrollment strategy.

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Artemis Helps You Make Data-Driven Recommendations.

Reliable Data Analytics.

I don’t think I can manage in-depth analyses for all my clients.
I need to find out if a program I’m recommending will actually deliver value.
What kind of data enhancements do you include?

Get Answers Fast.

I’ve used analytics tools in the past that just don’t save me any time.
Medical claims are great, but what about other data feeds?
Can you actually take in all my clients’ data?

Improve Recommendations.

My clients love wellness programs, but how can I see if they’re really moving the needle?
How can I share my data insights with my clients?
How do you balance working with employers and their advisors?

Do you want to see the Artemis Platform in action?

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Screenshot of a Mental Health program showing Fair resultsDiabetes Management Description shows poor resultsMSK Program shows excellent results
Screenshots showing efficacy of various programs (Mental Health, Diabetes Management, MSK)


Introducing Artemis Console.

Console enables employers and advisors to determine which point solutions work and how they can maximize the impact for their employees.

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What Sets Artemis Apart

Insights for Anyone
Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or in-depth analyses, our simple and clean user interface will help you find data insights.
With modern database structures that connect all your data in one place, the fully SaaS Artemis Platform gives you a holistic view of population health.
Our multi-client functionality means you can create an analysis once, then roll it out to your entire book of business.
We’re the most innovative benefits analytics solution thanks to our continually evolving products and dedication to customer feedback.
Actionable Insights
Your client’s data comes to life with actionable insights and beautiful visualizations that make it easy to improve your benefits recommendations.
Our customers love our analytic experts, lightning-fast response times, in-app chat, and how we partner with employers and advisors.

“The Artemis leadership team fosters a refreshing culture of accessibility, empowerment and transparency. I'm grateful to be working with talented colleagues where everyone cares about supporting our clients and each other to achieve our goals.

Danielle Barrieau, Analytic Advisor

Artemis by Nomi Health

“We're empowered and encouraged to use our experience to completely reinvent data management, improving both speed and quality.”

Andrew Paich, Senior Manager, Data Operations

Artemis by Nomi Health

“As an analytics software company, it's important to have strong product features that are continuously iterating for the better. This is what I saw Artemis striving for and why I wanted to join such a fun, transparent, and creative group.”

Cesar Concepcion, Customer Success Manager

Artemis by Nomi Health

“I chose to join Artemis because it enables users to solve complex problems by quickly distilling the wealth of healthcare data into actionable improvements. The organizational mission of improving healthcare in the United States is evident in both the product and the people.”

Emily Litteral, Product Manager

Artemis by Nomi Health

"Artemis is a nimble technology platform constantly evolving and improving our offerings. Our data enables benefits leaders to truly make decisions to improve the well-being of their employee & member population, and the work we do makes tangible changes in the lives of the people they serve. I am grateful for my team and our ability to make a meaningful impact in measurable ways."

Ruth Bartholomew, Manager, Data Operations

Artemis by Nomi Health

"At Artemis, I work with cutting edge technologies and intelligent people to find creative solutions to some of the biggest problems facing American healthcare today. I love that I get to analyze so many different types of data to find trends and work with passionate clients to solve their problems in real time."

Ethan Parker, Manager, Customer Analytics

Artemis by Nomi Health

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