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Artemis Health gives benefits professionals the tools they need to find insights and propose innovative solutions to their clients. The Artemis Platform saves advisors time and headaches, giving them easy access to the data they need to answer their clients’ toughest benefits questions.

Artemis Platform screenshot of the Standard Story Wellness Vendor: Business Results.
Artemis Platform screenshot of Standard Stories, including stories like Executive Summary and High Cost Med  + Rx.

Hear what benefit leaders are saying.

Only 18% of benefits leaders believe their benefit offerings are ahead of the curve.
What are they missing?

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Level up your benefits recommendations.

Artemis Platform screenshot of the Standard Stories home screen.
Artemis Platform screenshot of the Actionable Overspending app.

Find cost savings.

Our easy-to-use apps bring answers to the surface so you don’t have to dig. But if you want a closer look, you can connect and correlate with access to all your clients’ data. And we mean all of it.

One in-depth analysis can be rolled out to multiple clients. Illustration.

I don’t have the bandwidth to do custom analyses for all my clients.

There’s only one of you, so that’s why we made it easy to conduct one in-depth analysis, then roll it out for all your clients. Explore everything from inefficient Rx spending to population health.

Compare multiple types of data feeds. Illustration.

Medical claims, schmedical claims. How about other data feeds?

You’re ahead of the game, and so are we. Our tools make quick work of comparing data feeds like medical, prescription, eligibility, wellness, biometrics, dental, and more. That’s how you’ll find real, reliable intelligence.

We put all the puzzle pieces together so you can focus on making connections. Illustration.

Vendor data feeds are all formatted differently. How do you account for that?

We integrate with virtually any data set and do the heavy lifting on our end. That way, you can focus on making the connections that help your clients get the most from their benefits programs.

Get answers fast.

Find the data you need to recommend plan design and shape your clients’ benefits strategy. Break out of Excel hell with easy visualizations, and use built-in data models to create custom reports.

Artemis Platform screenshot of the Actionable Overspending app.
Artemis Platform screenshot of one story Wellness Vendor: Business Results.
Visualization tools turn raw data into charts and graphs. Illustration.

If I have to make one more pie chart using a spreadsheet tool, I’m going to scream.

Kick your spreadsheets to the curb. We built proprietary visualization tools that make it quick and easy to go from raw data to charts and graphs that tell a story. And did we mention you can share them with the click of a button?

Preview the results of a new program. Illustration.

How do I verify if a new program will impact my client’s bottom line?

Want to see a preview of how new programs might perform, their potential ROI, and even their predicted cost savings? We’ve got good news for you. We do that, too.

See how your population stacks up using benchmarking. Illustration.

But what about benchmarking? I need to know how this population stacks up.

Artemis includes benchmarking data, plus filters and tools to help you segment member groups, find out how they compare, and track their progress over time.

Artemis Platform screenshot of the story Wellness Vendor Business Impact.
Artemis Platform screenshot of Impact of Wellness Vendor on Direct Medical Spend.

Improve recommendations.

Want to determine the ROI of your clients’ existing programs? Need to improve employee engagement? Trying to answer the age-old question, “What should we do about this trend?” We’ve got your back.

See what wellness programs are worthwhile. Illustration.

My client is asking if their wellness program is worthwhile. How do I find out?

Artemis tools make it easy to compare data across feeds and across member cohorts. It’s fast and flexible, so you can monitor programs, compare members, and track progress over time.

Keep benefits utilization on your radar. Illustration.

My client’s population isn’t utilizing their benefits in the most efficient way. What can I do about it?

Artemis lets you keep an eye on utilization and identify member behaviors that lead to inefficient spending. Even better, pre-built reports give you the info you need to make changes and plan communications.

Easily share data insights with others including your team, your clients, or their C-Suite. Illustration.

Can I share the data insights with my clients quickly and easily?

With robust sharing and collaboration features, Artemis makes it easy to share the data love between your team, your clients and even their C-suite.

Some ways we’ll make you smile.

One platform, any user.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned analyst, Artemis can give you a quick overview or help you dive deep on tough questions.

Actionable insights.

Don’t wait for static quarterly reports. We deliver easy overviews or custom solutions so you never have to wonder, “What now?”

Fast and flexible.

Quick, easy-to-use tools and clear visualizations can be used with virtually any data set to help you make connections. Fast.

Future-ready tools.

Our platform and analytic services continually evolve with our clients’ needs. And we built it all from the ground up with you in mind.

Hot topic help.

Whether it’s rising pharmacy spending, employee engagement, or behavioral health, Artemis allows you to connect data feeds and move from “hunch” to “action.”

Analytical experts.

Say hello to helpful experts who’ll tell great stories with your data.

Get to know us better.

Find out what your benefits data can do for you.

  • Find opportunities to improve your benefits

  • Get a holistic view of your programs and population

  • Measure employee productivity and engagement

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