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How to Navigate

In this self-guided tour, you’ll explore many features and benefits of the Artemis Solution. This includes out-of-the-box reports, custom analyses, data visualizations, and much more. Click through the "solutions" to the left to explore Artemis’ apps, and don’t forget to tap the plus signs on each page to dive deeper. 

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Explore Page Features

Click on the plus signs to open descriptions of app features and benefits. These descriptions will go in-depth on how Artemis makes it easy to get value from your benefits data.

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Welcome to Artemis!

We’re glad you’re on the path to better benefits. In this tour, you’ll get to know the features of our benefits analytics solution. Let's get started with a quick orientation!

Note: this tour is best experienced on desktop, or on a laptop with at least a 15" display.

The Home App

The Home App shows you all the things that are important to you when you log in to Artemis. You can pin reports and key insights to this page so it’s personalized for you.

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Users can pin frequently used features to the top of the Home App.

Simply click to open the apps you use most.

Each user can customize their Home App, so everyone at your company can make it their own.

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You can also save key reports or analyses to your Home App.

In this sample, the user is keeping tabs on diabetes spending, pharmacy spending, and more.


Standard Stories

The Standard Stories app offers out-of-the-box reports to answer your most common benefits questions, all in an easy-to-use format.

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These pre-built reports highlight hot topics for both benefits leaders and their consultants or brokers.

Every Artemis customer has access to Standard Stories as soon as they go live with the software.

Standard Stories provide the “30,000 foot view” of your benefits spending and utilization trends.

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Standard Stories include the Executive Summary, High Cost Medical, Network Utilization, Pharmacy, and more.

Users can click into each report to see more insights.

They’ll help you answer key questions from your C-suite quickly and easily.

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You can change the analysis period on your Standard Stories by clicking into the Date Selector tool (more on this feature later in the tour).

You can also open quick filters to drill down by gender, age, geography, and more.


Actionable Overspending

This app showcases common areas of overspending and gives you the data you need to take action. It’s part of our “secret sauce,” a unique data model that shows you where you can improve the efficiency of your employee benefits.

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Actionable Overspending identifies areas where there are opportunities for cost savings.

Artemis calculates overspending in five categories: Avoidable ER, In-Network Variance, Out-of-Network Spending, Inefficient Rx, and Inappropriate Rx Quantity.

Users can click into each category for an in-depth view.

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You can also keep track of benchmarks in the Actionable Overspending app; see how your performance compares to the Artemis book of business.

Actionable Overspending gives you insight into how you can take action with your employee benefits data.


Custom Stories

Create custom, in-depth reports with the Stories app and share your insights with clear visualizations. This tool allows you to build and share analyses on any topic that’s important to you and your members. 

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Add “cards” to your Custom Story to showcase key trends and stats.

Highlight chronic conditions, behavioral health, wellness program performance, maternity, musculoskeletal trends, and many other benefits topics. 

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Search through thousands of metrics (numerical values, i.e. PEPY or sum employer paid) and breakdowns (categorical data , i.e. geographic area or member type) to create “cards” and add them to your Custom Story.

Artemis calculates overspending in five categories: Avoidable ER, In-Network Variance, Out-of-Network Spending, Inefficient Rx, and Inappropriate Rx Quantity.

Compare prior period vs. current data to track trends in your population. 

Utilize Cohorts (more on this later) to focus on a given group of members and see how their health and costs change over time.

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Update or add to your Custom Story anytime you want.

Share your Custom Story with colleagues, leadership, or anyone else with an Artemis login to make the case for your benefits strategy. 

You can also export Custom Stories for presenting to those who aren’t using the Artemis Platform.


The Explore App

This deep analysis tool allows you to slice and dice your benefits data and get an in-depth view. Explore is the perfect tool for going below the surface to find insights and control for variables.  

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The Explore App helps you create tabular summaries with a number of different metrics and breakdowns.

Our quick and easy search tool lets you look through thousands of metrics (numerical values) and breakdowns (categorical data or dimensions) to find what you’re looking for. Think “Number of members in each age group.”

Create new columns by adding additional metrics.


You can also open our quick “Other Breakdowns” menu to see some popular options for your Exploration.

Need to control for another factor? Add a Filter or two with a quick search (i.e. “Number of members in each age group, but only subscribers”).


Trend Explorer

The Trend Explorer tool helps you keep an eye on how your population compares to others. It shows costs and utilization trends to show you areas of concern and assist with strategic benefits planning.

Choose how closely you manage your plan and customize how Trend Explorer displays your data.


Trend Explorer shows you your top trend drivers (and where you can have an impact).

Trend Explorer automatically tracks several key metrics in an easy-to-use report:

  • Cost trends

  • Cost drivers (what’s causing the trend)

  • Comparison heatmap for both PMPM and utilization



The Cohorts App lets users quickly segment population groups based on any metrics or breakdowns to monitor their behavior and outcomes over time.

Cohorts is the perfect way to find, track, and monitor the people you want to impact with your benefits strategy.

For example, if you’re looking for ways to support members with diabetes, you can create a group of members diagnosed with the disease. Track their utilization, progress, costs, and engagement over time.


There are three types of Cohorts in the Artemis Platform:

  • Standard Cohorts, which give you a snapshot in time of a group of members

  • Dynamic Cohorts, which adapts and adds or subtracts members from your Cohort as they start or stop meeting the cohort criteria

  • Advanced Dynamic Cohorts, which allows you to add filters on top of your Cohort for even more granularity

Customize your Cohorts by selecting service dates, choosing paid/incurred/paid + incurred modes, and adding filters to track your population’s progress.


The Vizualize App

Visualize assists you in creating custom graphs, charts, tables, and other visuals for better data storytelling. Use it to make cards for your Custom Stories and get others on board with your benefits strategy.

Add measures, breakdowns, and filters to see which chart or graph type will work best for your data point. 

You can also first choose a chart type and the Artemis Platform will prompt you with which type of measures or breakdowns are appropriate.

Visualize offers a guided experience so users can display their data in the most compelling way.


The Date Selector

This tool lets you choose your analysis period and customize your settings for robust data analytics.

Drag and drop the date selector bar to choose the months of data you want to include in your analysis.

Customize the length of the analysis period (i.e., six months, one year, two years).

The bars for the different months tell you which months are “safe” to use vs. which recent ones may still be awaiting incoming data.

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Users can choose from three modes for their analysis: paid, incurred, or paid + incurred. This offers flexibility for those looking to focus on when care was delivered versus when care was paid for, or in other words, a clinical view versus a financial view.