Because trust matters.

Trustworthy data is the key to making great benefits decisions. That’s where our data quality process really shines.

We gather unrefined data from any vendor.

Really. Our data quality and integration team does the heavy lifting to clean it, standardize it, and test it. We conduct quality checks throughout the whole process, and we enhance the data using methodologies like episodes groupers, specialty drug classifications, in-patient confinement groupings, and more.

When we’re done, you have access to data you can trust.

What we stand for.

We take security, compliance and privacy very seriously. We go above and beyond to protect our clients’ data. Here’s how we do it.

We keep our clients' data safe. Illustration.

“Fortress” security architecture.

Our hardened cloud security structure keeps our clients’ data safe from attack and unauthorized access.

We go beyond mere HIPAA compliance. Illustration.

To HIPAA compliance, and beyond.

Our world class tech security specialists and HIPAA legal counsel ensure we go beyond mere compliance.

SOC2 and HITRUST certified. Illustration.

SOC2 audit completion.

SOC2 builds on HIPAA’s standards of security and adds extra layers of protection by providing a more demanding framework for compliance.

We are proactive about threat management. Illustration.

Threat management.

We encrypt all of our internal devices, constantly run automated security scans, and do frequent penetration tests.

We run on AWS data centers. Illustration.

The most secure data centers.

Our platform runs in AWS data centers, one of the most security-tested & certified infrastructures on the planet.

Artemis is serious about privacy and security protocols. Illustration.

A culture of privacy.

Artemis team members are trained and tested on strict security protocols. We foster an internal culture of data privacy and security and hold ourselves to a high standard.