Dive Deep into Your Data
with Artemis Ad Hoc

Have the Freedom to Explore Your Data and Meet Your Custom Analytics Needs – Your Way

Ad Hoc Analytics provides unprecedented access to the underlining platform that powers Perspectives without guardrails so your team can query, automate, and customize to streamline workflows and find solutions.

With your entire data set in one clean and nimble place, Ad Hoc Analytics gives your data team the freedom to analyze and solve your most immediate problems.

The Data Expert's Dream

Artemis Ad Hoc Analytics allows you unmatched access to a deeper level of data to explore however you see fit without the headache and extensive overhead that typically accompany custom datasets.

Equipped with Ad Hoc Analytics, your data scientists are empowered to easily connect your data to your business intelligence and analytic tools, automate reporting and data processes, and run SQL queries to leverage your data to find solutions to your most novel and niche questions . This is all possible through our secure, scalable, and self-service model, which dramatically reduces the effort, complexity, and costs. We’ll also help you every step of the way with data experts on standby to help integrate your tools.

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Ad Hoc Analytics

With Ad Hoc Analytics, you will...

Have Your Data, Your Way.
Automate, Automate, Automate.
Save Time and Money.
Ask the Hard Questions and Get the Right Answers.
Stay in Control.


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“The ability to, in one glance of the eye, understand what’s important…that delightful data visualization and the ease of interaction with the tool is just critical.”

“Anybody who looks at the tool will easily say ‘Wow’ compared to what everyone else has. I do think the platform sells itself.”

“Artemis is very forward-thinking and innovative, and very willing to adapt to what we need.”

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