Gain Value from Your Point Solution Investments

Are Your Point Solutions Working for You?

Designing a comprehensive benefits package is a difficult task for HR and Benefits leaders. There are hundreds of point solutions for every concern or condition you can think of. Artemis helps you cut through the noise, and understand whether your programs are working for you.

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How do you know which of your programs will deliver value for your population?


Artemis Console uses proven best practices to give you the confidence to measure and manage your point solutions and ensure they’re delivering results. 

Are you confused with the fragmented world of point solutions? 



Recent research surveying over 300 benefits leaders found that 67% found program management and measurement to be a top challenge. 

You shouldn’t be guessing whether or not a point solution is delivering on the promise of better employee outcomes. 

Screenshot showing efficacy of an MSK Program

Console offers a best-in-class evaluation methodology that helps you: 

Measure the right things

Set goals alongside your point solution partners

Understand if programs are making an impact

Get trustworthy insights into point solution performance that help you make the right decisions for employees and their families. 

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Hundreds of employers trust the Artemis Platform as their proven source for identifying opportunities to reduce cost, improving quality, and driving member outcomes. Download our brochure to learn more.

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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

“The ability to, in one glance of the eye, understand what’s important…that delightful data visualization and the ease of interaction with the tool is just critical.”

“Anybody who looks at the tool will easily say ‘Wow’ compared to what everyone else has. I do think the platform sells itself.”

“Artemis is very forward-thinking and innovative, and very willing to adapt to what we need.”

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