3 Key Ways to Ensure Your Benefits Point Solutions Are Delivering Value

Managing and measuring your point solutions isn’t an easy task for benefits leaders. In this ebook, we’ll share three key ways data can help you ensure point solutions are working. 

  • How to set realistic goals and clear targets 
  • Helpful metrics to ensure a comprehensive measurement strategy 
  • Ways to involve your partners for better program value

A peek at what’s inside. 

If you’re like most benefits professionals, you did thorough, detailed research into each potential point solution partner before choosing the right one for your population. You carefully guided the implementation process. You created and shared educational materials with the right members at the right time. You added these new benefits to your open enrollment process and documentation. You set goals for the programs. You did everything you could to ensure each initiative would succeed. 

Do you know if your efforts worked? Are your programs improving the health and well-being of your members? Are you reducing healthcare costs? Are your programs delivering what they promised? 

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