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Take action with your employee health and benefits data.

Artemis Health gives self-insured employers the tools they need to become data-driven superstars. Whether you’re a data whiz kid or a numbers newbie, our tools and support help you find answers, connect your data, and make a difference for your members.

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Only 18% of benefits leaders believe their benefit offerings are ahead of the curve.
What are they missing?

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Level up your benefits strategy.

Artemis Platform screenshot of the Executive Summary Standard Story.
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Identify opportunities.

Our easy-to-use apps and pre-built reports bring answers to the surface so you don’t have to dig. But if you want a closer look, you can make connections thanks to Artemis—we give you access to all your data, plus a full team of dedicated analysts to find hidden treasure.

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Build business cases.

Find the data answers you need to make the business case for a new plan design, a new program, or benefits that will attract and retain talent. We built our platform from the ground up to help you tell impactful stories with your data.

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Artemis Platform screenshot of a Maternity Story.
Artemis Platform screenshot of an Infertility Story.
Artemis Platform screenshot of an Infertility Story.
Artemis Platform screenshot of a Maternity Initiative.

Measure results.

Want to determine the ROI of your existing programs? Need to track employee engagement? Looking to measure employee health over time? The Artemis Platform can help you see if your benefits program “Exceeds Expectations” or “Needs Improvement.”

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Some ways we’ll make you smile.

One platform, any user.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned analyst, Artemis can give you a quick overview or help you dive deep on tough questions.

Actionable insights.

Don’t wait for static quarterly reports. We deliver easy overviews or custom solutions so you never have to wonder, “What now?”

Fast and flexible.

Quick, easy-to-use tools and clear visualizations can be used with virtually any data set to help you make connections. Fast.

Future-ready tools.

Our platform and analytic services continually evolve with our clients’ needs. And we built it all from the ground up with you in mind.

Hot topic help.

Whether it’s rising pharmacy spending, employee engagement, or behavioral health, Artemis allows you to connect data feeds and move from “hunch” to “action.”

Analytical experts.

Say hello to helpful experts who’ll tell great stories with your data.

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Get to know us better with this 29-minute on-demand webinar that gives you a peek at the Artemis Platform.

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Helpful resources.

Get the inside scoop on how Artemis can help benefits pros like you make great proposals and drive value for your clients.

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