Healthcare in America is broken
–help us fix it.

Our purpose.

Turn the world's health data into great healthcare everyone can afford.

Our approach.

We empower U.S. employers and their advisors/payers to optimize health benefits using data.

Our story.

Artemis Health got its start in 2013 when we noticed that the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing, but few in the industry have the tools they need to address it.  We decided to change that.

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Illustration.

Since nearly 60% of Americans get their healthcare benefits through their jobs, we believe that employers need a helping hand. We’re here for them, their advisors, their brokers, their payers, and anyone else who wants to reduce healthcare overspend and improve the outcomes for their members.

50% of Americans have employer provided healthcare benefits through their jobs. Illustration.

Artemis is your trusted partner for generating actionable  insights from benefits data. We have scaled the ability to acquire complex  healthcare data from variety of sources - medical claims, Rx claims,  eligibility, dental claims, vision claims, disability, workers compensation,  point name it! We add massive intelligence to the aggregated  data with our own metrics and algorithms as well as industry standard  metrics/models. We are known for industry-leading super easy-to-use apps that  help benefits teams drive decisions to reduce spend and improve outcomes. 

Illustration showing benefits data in and actionable insights out.

Because we believe that everyone should have great healthcare they can afford.

Illustration showing our goal of affordable healthcare for everyone.

“The Artemis leadership team fosters a refreshing culture of accessibility, empowerment and transparency. I'm grateful to be working with talented colleagues where everyone cares about supporting our clients and each other to achieve our goals.

Danielle Barrieau, Analytic Advisor

Artemis by Nomi Health

“We're empowered and encouraged to use our experience to completely reinvent data management, improving both speed and quality.”

Andrew Paich, Senior Manager, Data Operations

Artemis by Nomi Health

“As an analytics software company, it's important to have strong product features that are continuously iterating for the better. This is what I saw Artemis striving for and why I wanted to join such a fun, transparent, and creative group.”

Cesar Concepcion, Customer Success Manager

Artemis by Nomi Health

“I chose to join Artemis because it enables users to solve complex problems by quickly distilling the wealth of healthcare data into actionable improvements. The organizational mission of improving healthcare in the United States is evident in both the product and the people.”

Emily Litteral, Product Manager

Artemis by Nomi Health

"Artemis is a nimble technology platform constantly evolving and improving our offerings. Our data enables benefits leaders to truly make decisions to improve the well-being of their employee & member population, and the work we do makes tangible changes in the lives of the people they serve. I am grateful for my team and our ability to make a meaningful impact in measurable ways."

Ruth Bartholomew, Manager, Data Operations

Artemis by Nomi Health

"At Artemis, I work with cutting edge technologies and intelligent people to find creative solutions to some of the biggest problems facing American healthcare today. I love that I get to analyze so many different types of data to find trends and work with passionate clients to solve their problems in real time."

Ethan Parker, Manager, Customer Analytics

Artemis by Nomi Health

Our people.

Our team comes from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. We’ve been known to competitively fly paper airplanes, sous-vide steaks in the office, and participate in scavenger hunts. We’re food truck fanatics, marathon runners, aspiring inventors, bitcoin miners, and badass EMTs.

But we all have a few things in common:

We believe in what we're doing.

We care about the success of our customers.

And we're experts at what we do.

Our awards.

We're gaining traction in our community and beyond.

Utah 100 by MountainWest Capital NetworkEHIR Traction Award WinnerTop Work Places 2021, Salt Lake TributeAppealie Award Winner 2019Utah Business Fast 50

Our team truly cares about doing the right thing, the right way.

We’re always on the lookout for those who can help us achieve our mission, grow our business, and make us laugh. Scope out our current opportunities.