Benefits Data Analytics for Health Plans

The Artemis Platform empowers health plans to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of their solutions to employer groups. Our cutting-edge benefits analytics platform helps you identify cost savings, measure solutions, and grow your book of business.

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Simplified screen of the Artemis Platform indicating data trends

Artemis for Health Plans

Health plans are on the front lines of offering effective benefits programs for employers, but it’s not easy to guarantee their success. Artemis' next-generation benefits analytics platform helps health plans offer valuable data insights to their clients.

Here are some ways we help.

“I need a way to showcase the value of what we offer so we can attract and retain clients.”

A Holistic View.

The Artemis solution is highly flexible, customizable, and user-friendly. We integrate medical, prescription, eligibility, wellness, care management, dental, vision, and many other types of data to offer a holistic view. Health plans love the ability to combine data, analysis, and reporting in one central place.

“My employer clients are demanding data, and I need standard, fast reporting.”

Tailored Insights.

Artemis is built for healthcare and benefits data, and is tailored to the audience you serve. We deliver executive reporting for benefits leaders, deeper dives for experienced analysts, and easy sharing for everyone.

“Data should save me time and offer opportunities for cost savings, but it’s so hard for my team to use most analytics tools.”

Ease of Use.

Our solution makes it easy to show your value to customers, find opportunities for cost savings, and justify your programs. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or in-depth analyses, our simple and clean user interface will help you find data insights.

What Benefits Leaders Say About Artemis Health

Benefits leader testimonial video preview

“Our partnership with Artemis has been really terrific because of the level of curiosity that the folks at Artemis have [about the data].”

Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits


Hassan Azar testimonial video preview

“With a tool like Artemis we can really see the story behind all the data points and see what the big picture really is.”

Hassan Azar, Benefits Leader & Consultant

Jason Parrott testimonial video preview

“Artemis’ uber-simple platform enables anybody, and I mean anybody, to tap in and get analytical reports that are meaningful, useful, actionable, and timely.”

Jason Parrot, SVP of Enterprise Growth and Partnerships

Vida Health

Ready to see more of the Artemis Platform?

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Paychex Uses Artemis to Identify Cost
Savings Opportunities

Avoidable emergency room visits are a major cost driver for many employers, and health plans are constantly under pressure to help their clients reduce costs. In this case study, you’ll learn how Paychex used the Artemis solution to identify and take action on emergency room overspending.

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Find Cost Savings Opportunities
with Artemis

You know it, and we know it. Healthcare costs are top of mind for employers of every size, and they rely on health plans to help them budget and manage benefits spending. Artemis Health can help you optimize plans, make sound decisions, and offer more value to the employer groups you serve. Here’s how:

Network Decisions

Find the right network for your clients’ needs, identify avoidable out-of-network spending, and steer members to the best points of care. Data can help you connect the right providers with the right people, monitor in-network variance, and reduce overspending to ensure client retention and growth.

Utilization Insights

Keep a close eye on healthcare utilization, including episodes of care, preventive screenings, gaps in care, and other key measures of employee health and well-being that matter to your clients. Use trusted benchmarking data to help employers see the value in your health plan offerings.

Clinical and Quality Programs

Justify the right programs for your customers using the Artemis solution. Our data analytics tools will help you monitor program engagement, measure patient outcomes, and make the case for point solutions or second opinion services that appeal to employers.

Program Measurement and Evaluation

Use aggregate metrics by member and create cohorts within the member population. Artemis will help you pinpoint employee populations who are eligible for programs, measure program performance, drive down costs, and improve the quality of care.

Do you want to see the Artemis Platform in action?

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Screenshot of a Mental Health program showing Fair resultsDiabetes Management Description shows poor resultsMSK Program shows excellent results
Screenshots showing efficacy of various programs (Mental Health, Diabetes Management, MSK)


Introducing Artemis Console.

Console enables employers and advisors to determine which point solutions work and how they can maximize the impact for their employees.

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What Sets Artemis Apart

Insights for Anyone
Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or in-depth analyses, our simple and clean user interface will help you find data insights.
With modern database structures that connect all your data in one place, the fully SaaS Artemis Platform gives you a holistic view of population health.
Our multi-client functionality means you can create an analysis once, then roll it out to your entire book of business.
We’re the most innovative benefits analytics solution thanks to our continually evolving products and dedication to customer feedback.
Actionable Insights
Your client’s data comes to life with actionable insights and beautiful visualizations that make it easy to improve your benefits recommendations.
Our customers love our analytic experts, lightning-fast response times, in-app chat, and how we partner with employers and advisors.

Find out what Artemis Health can do for you.

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