React Quickly to Your Client’s Shifting Benefits Strategy with Better Data

The benefits landscape is constantly shifting, providing side paths, alternative routes, and obstacles that make us stop and change course. But data analytics can help. In this ebook, we’ll explore: 

  • Three stories of how benefits consultants helped clients change course 
  • How data is integral to quickly shifting your benefits strategy 
  • Key metrics and analyses that helped self-insured employers change direction

A peek at what’s inside. 

“COVID-19 is an excellent example of the shifting benefits landscape. Benefits consultants and their self-insured employer clients had gone through Open Enrollment, negotiated with vendors, and conducted benefit strategy meetings before March of 2020 rolled around. But the novel coronavirus took us by surprise and forced benefits teams to stop and re-evaluate.” 

“Did your wellness programs still make sense and meet member needs?

Was your budget going to be accurate?

What new health and wellness concerns would face your clients due to COVID-19?

How much would it cost for employees to seek testing and care for this new illness?”

Innovators choose Artemis.