Artemis Health Research Study

The Great Resignation: Can Effective Employee Benefit Programs Solve the Problem? 

Artemis Health teamed up with Employee Benefit News to conduct original research into the goals, challenges, and changes affecting employee benefits leaders.

In this research paper, we’ll explore: 

  • How employee feedback plays an outsized role in benefits strategy
  • Why employee benefits leaders struggle to measure point solution ROI
  • The need for benefits programs that attract and retain talent 
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Take a Peek at the Research

Thanks to the Great Resignation, employee feedback is the #1 source for benefits decision making.

With employee turnover in the news over the last few months, employee benefits leaders indicated a 23% increase in their focus on fighting attrition. Additionally, we continue to see “employee feedback” as the #1 response when asked what sources HR leaders are using to make benefits decisions, which showed a jump of 33 percentage points compared to our 2019 survey. Listening to employees is the prevailing strategy for combating the Great Resignation.

Only 53% of benefits leaders feel “very successful” in using their benefits data.

Our research reveals a lack of confidence when it comes to benefits data analytics. When asked “How successful is your organization in using non-traditional data sources (i.e. not medical or rx) in making benefits decisions?” just 53% of respondents felt they were “very successful.” Everyone knows data is critical; not everyone feels they have the tools to use it successfully. 

The most challenging parts of the “benefits lifecycle” are choosing, measuring, and managing point solutions.

When asked to rank the challenges they face in finding and administering new benefit programs, respondents told us they struggle with identifying new programs (27% identified this as their biggest challenge), and measuring/managing new programs (23% said this was their second biggest challenge). Benefits leaders need help offering the right point solutions for employees. 

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Four Steps To Managing and Measuring Digital Point Solutions

Benefits leaders struggle to find the right program and make sure they’re working for employees. In this data sheet, you’ll discover four crucial steps to measuring the value of your benefits programs. 

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