Collaborating with Clinicians for Better Chronic Condition Management

Chronic conditions are a big portion of benefits spending, and they can be difficult for benefits teams to manage. Read the case study to see how Mohawk Industries, Inc. took action:

  • Explored the prevalence of chronic conditions in their population
  • Shared data between onsite clinic providers and care management programs
  • Helped members access better care
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Mohawk Industries, Inc. is the world’s largest flooring company, with over 32,000 members enrolled in their U.S. benefits plan. They are headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia and manufacture flooring products in 19 countries.

Chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and others are among the most expensive to manage for both patients and self-insured employers. In this case study, we’ll explore how data helped Mohawk Industries, Inc. better equip clinical experts to offer high-quality care to these members.

Mohawk wanted to better connect their benefits data to their clinical resources, which includes on-site, near-site and virtual clinics. With the help of Artemis Health Analytic Advisors, they focused on a group of anonymous members: those with chronic conditions.

Person consults with physician.

The analysis.

Artemis and Mohawk worked together to create “cohorts” (member groupings) with diagnoses for thirteen common chronic conditions. We compared medical claims and prescription data to determine which members met our criteria. The team then utilized the Artemis Platform to build a heatmap of members with five, four, three, two or one of the chronic conditions.

Additionally, we created a cohort of healthy members without chronic condition diagnoses.

The findings.

The data indicated some interesting findings:

01   Members with 5+ chronic conditions: Nearly 600
02   Members with 3-4 chronic conditions: Over 3,000
03   Members with 1-2 chronic conditions: Over 12,000
04   Members in the “healthy” cohort: Approximately 19,700

The most common chronic conditions were high BMI (51% of the population), hypertension (35% of the population), and depression (33% of the population). The “heatmap” visuals made it easy to see where members were experiencing comorbid conditions (i.e. diagnosed with both depression and diabetes or lower back pain plus hypertension, etc.).

Physician takes a person's blood pressure.
“The management of chronic diseases continues to be an expensive, nationwide issue. Mohawk and team have cracked the code on proactively engaging individuals in the right care at the right time. Overtime, both Artemis and Mohawk hope to monitor the impact of this initiative and continue to pivot according to the data trends. It’s exciting to partner directly with an innovative benefits team to achieve their ultimate goal—a healthy workforce.”  –Leann Fletcher, Analytic Advisor at Artemis Health

The plan.

Artemis collaborated with Mohawk’s clinical staff, doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners at their clinics, to offer better care and support to these members. We shared re-identified data with the clinicians with three goals in mind:

01   They can reach out to members with targeted communications
02   They can better coordinate care across clinics and with specialists
03   They can help with preventive care and condition monitoring to impact these members’ health outcomes and costs.

Over the next two years, Mohawk and Artemis will continue to analyze data for these cohorts and measure the impact of initiatives implemented for these members.