How 2020 Has Changed Employee Benefits

Artemis Health conducted a research study surveying over 300 employee benefits leaders to explore their motivations, goals, and how these shifted in 2020. In this research paper, we’ll explore: 

  • Why employee health and well-being is now a top concern for benefits leaders and their companies 
  • What role the COVID-19 pandemic played in influencing benefits strategy for 2021 
  • How data can add value to employer relationships with benefits advisors

A peek at what’s inside. 

These findings made us wonder, “Is corporate America becoming more caring?” The survey revealed total alignment between organizations, top-level HR executives, and on-the-ground benefits managers. At every level, HR and benefits teams marked “improving employee health and well-being” as their top goal. 

In our previous year’s survey, “improving employee productivity” ranked as the top organizational goal. Perhaps remote work success stories have boosted organizational confidence in employee productivity. Or perhaps the worldwide devastation of COVID-19 has forced companies to consider what really matters to them. 

Innovators choose Artemis.