Using Data to Better Support Employees With Type II Diabetes

Benefits leaders are concerned not only with the rising cost of chronic conditions like Type II diabetes, but also the impact it has on member health and happiness. In this case study, we’ll explore: 

  • How employers can track key metrics on Type II diabetes
  • Ways to utilize member demographics data to look at care management programs 
  • How to successfully set goals and measure program success
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The challenge.

Like many large employers, this customer knows that Type II Diabetes is a top cost driver for their employee benefits plan. In fact, Type II Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects nearly 10% of the U.S. adult population. They partnered with Artemis to find insights into their population’s diabetes prevalence and costs and make plans to help these members get the care they need.

The analysis.

Artemis helped the benefits leadership team look at enrolled member demographics, including gender, age, and geographic location. This helped the team focus on the members most likely to engage with their benefits. Additionally, we calculated the costs associated with members who have either a medical diagnosis of Type II diabetes or were taking a prescription for Type II diabetes.


Graphic showing diabetes claimants cost 2.5x more than non-diabetes claimants

Members with diabetes are often suffering from comorbid conditions as well, which contributed to our finding that these folks are incurring costs 2 times higher than other members.

The action.

The customer, along with their consultant partners, used this data to justify a new diabetes care management point solution for members. They looked at a number of options, and decided to choose a program that combines diabetes testing and monitoring with coaching. 

The Artemis team worked with the customer and their consultant to set some goals for the new point solution, which they would come back and measure after the program had been in place for 2 years: 

  • 40% of eligible members enrolled in the program 
  • 80% compliance with diabetes medication
  • 15% improvement in PCP visits  
  • 80% of enrolled members are satisfied with the program 

The customer rolled out the new program, and utilized a number of channels to promote this new benefit. They sent out emails and flyers to their target audience, and followed up with quarterly benefits information meetings and during Open Enrollment. 

The results.

Over the past two years, the customer has kept an eye on the point solution using Artemis Health’s data analytics. Here are the results of their efforts: 

  • 32% of eligible members enrolled in the program 
  • 89% compliance with diabetes medication
  • 10% improvement in PCP visits  
  • 91% of enrolled members are satisfied with the program 

While they didn’t quite reach their enrollment and PCP visit goals, they saw much higher rates of medication compliance and member satisfaction than anticipated. Members with Type II Diabetes are engaging with their health and this new benefit program. The customer is pleased with their results, and will continue to use Artemis to monitor their success. Their next lofty goal: a 15% reduction in costs for members with diabetes. 

Artemis Health is helping our customers take action with their benefits data, and that’s just the beginning of what we can do. Get in touch to learn more.