Best Practices for Measuring the Value of your Benefits Programs

Every benefits leader wants to ensure their programs are working for members, but it’s not always easy to do. In this ebook, we’ll explore: 

  • Best practices for measuring benefits program performance
  • Setting and understand program goals 
  • Identifying key metrics for program success

A peek at what’s inside. 

When evaluating program vendors, employers are offered a number of enticing promises. You might see brochures, websites, and case studies that advertise a 20% drop in hyperglycemia, 70% decrease in diabetes medication, or 20% weight loss for participants. These results are impressive, but it’s crucial to remember that every employee population is different. As they say in those late night infomercials, “results may vary.” 

Employers and their advisors must approach program evaluation with the goal of finding out how a program might work for their members, their business needs, and their unique situation. This starts with a data analysis that examines the demographics, eligibility, and potential participation in the program.

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