What Enterprise Benefits Leaders Want and How Brokers & Consultants Can Help

Original research conducted by Artemis Health explores the motivations of self-insured employers. Find out what they expect from benefit advisors and healthcare data analytics partners:

  • Their goals and motivations
  • The challenges they face in accessing data
  • What they expect of broker and consultant partnerships
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About the Presenters

Chris Savoie

Chris Savoie

VP of Product

As the head of New Products at Artemis Health, Chris Savoie works with product management, user experience, and health analytics experts to meet the needs of benefits teams today and anticipate their needs in the future. He has experience across multiple industries, having worked with the FDA, NASA, Fortune 50 oil & gas companies, and project management experts to drive software and analytics forward for nearly 20 years. Chris, in particular, is passionate about bringing together health and technology experts.