Take Control of Your Data and Manage Healthcare Costs

It’s time to take control of your healthcare and benefits data. In this webinar, we’ll explore key steps you can take to:

  • Begin using your employee healthcare and benefits data
  • Make financially sound decisions
  • Measure the value and performance of your programs
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About the Presenters

Lara Battema, MPH

Lara Battema, MPH

Senior Alliances Consultant

As a Senior Alliances Consultant at Artemis Health, Lara works with alliances, sales, product, and health analytics experts to help large enterprise organizations make the most of their employee benefits data. Lara has spent the last 13 years supporting innovative healthcare solutions in both the provider and benefits industries. Having come from the consulting world, she has seen the landscape of employee benefits become increasingly complex. She joined the Artemis team in September (2019) because she saw an opportunity for employers to leverage healthcare analytics to continue managing their health care costs and keep plans affordable. Currently, Lara is focused on supporting partnerships between benefits leaders and their consultants.