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November 6, 2018

Artemis and EBN Teamed Up to Survey Employers—Here's What We Found

Artemis Health

Employee Benefit News and Artemis Health conducted a survey of large, self-insured employers to find out what's driving their benefits strategies. We learned what programs they're offering, what's important to them, and how they're using data.We got answers from over 200 respondents, and they shared some very interesting thoughts on the state of benefits today.

One trend that stood out? The majority of employers are focused on employee health and well-being as their primary goal in providing benefits.

While cost reduction is still a top objective, we were pleased to know that the quality of care that members receive is a high priority for employers. This reflects our conversations with our clients, too. As healthcare costs continue to rise, most of the benefits leaders we talk to are doing their best to make care better, more affordable, and easier to access for their employee population.

Want to learn more about the survey results? Download our whitepaper to get access to the full report.

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