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May 24, 2022

Three Real-World Use Cases for Artemis Console, Our Program Evaluation Tool

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Point solutions are the talk of the benefits industry this year, with dozens of vendors for any condition you can think of. Whether it’s smoking cessation, diabetes prevention, hypertension, mental health, or musculoskeletal health, you can find a point solution partner to help employees get healthy and stay healthy. 

Recent research supports the rise of digital health programs. According to the WTW 2021 Best Practices in Health Care survey, the benefits industry is embracing point solutions in a major way. 

  • 89% of employers offer some form of tele-behavioral health programs for employees 
  • 71% of employers are focusing on diabetes care management 
  • 4 in 10 employers have already integrated well-being vendors into their benefits strategy 

While 65% of benefits leaders are confident that their point solutions are meeting employees’ well-being needs, only 38% of employees agreed. Why is there a disconnect between what employers are buying and what employees are happily using? 

Artemis Health believes this may be a matter of measurement. We’re all about data-driven employee benefits, and employees may be seeing a menu of point solutions that don’t actually work for them. However, employers and their advisors know that evaluating point solutions isn’t an easy thing to do. There are so many factors to consider, and it’s difficult to compare apples to apples. 

We recently launched a new point solution evaluation tool, Artemis Console. We want to share some real-world use cases for Console that we believe will help employers understand the power of program measurement and lead to improved employee satisfaction. 

Use Case #1: Setting Targets for Diabetes Care Management 

Many organizations are looking for ways to help members diagnosed with Type II diabetes. We’ve written about a few popular care management point solutions, and they all offer great examples of results they have achieved for their customers. But, as you know, every population is a little different. Your members might have unique challenges, so your goals for your diabetes care management program will be based on what you know about your employees. 

Artemis Console makes it easy to set targets alongside your vendor to ensure it will better reflect your unique population. For example, while one employer might aim for a 40% enrollment rate for eligible members, you may set your target at 50% because you know your population is very engaged with your benefits programs. 

Here’s how it looks in Console: 

You have a series of fields where you, your advisor, your vendor, and Artemis’ experts can enter the target values you’d like to use for your program. Over time, you can track how close you are to reaching your targets, which types of members are most likely to be engaged, and plan for how to boost enrollment as needed. 

Use Case #2: Tracking the Impact of Musculoskeletal Programs

Let’s imagine you have two digital musculoskeletal programs available to your employees. One you implemented a few years back, and one that is a legacy program brought into your benefits package when your company acquired a smaller organization a few months ago. Are both working for your members? Which one is offering more value or a better return on investment? Are employees equally engaged with both, or is one more popular than the other? 

You can answer these questions quickly and easily with Console. It allows you to compare programs and track reliable metrics with our comprehensive evaluation model that looks at five key areas: 

  • Member engagement: Which program is doing a better job engaging members? 
  • Care and utilization: Are both programs offering quality care and using best practices for utilization? 
  • Financial impact: How much is each program costing? Is one delivering value in the form of reduced costs for musculoskeletal claims on your plan? 
  • Member satisfaction: Do members like one program more than the other?  
  • Clinical outcomes: Do you see improvements in risk scores, absenteeism, surgical interventions, or other indicators of better clinical outcomes for members?

Console can help you make an informed decision about how to proceed with the musculoskeletal program that is performing best. 

Use Case #3: Choosing to Measure the Right Things 

We would all love to have a dedicated benefits analyst on speed dial, but that’s often not the case, even for large self-insured employers. So when it comes to choosing the right metrics to track for a diabetes point solution, where should you start? Medication compliance? Patient risk scores? Medical claims costs? 

Artemis Console can help. Our Program Library of ready-to-go reports track proven metrics to help you make the most of your program, whether it’s for diabetes care, musculoskeletal health, hypertension, behavioral health, or diabetes prevention/weight loss. Let’s look at the report for diabetes care management. 

You can see that this sample data tracks overall costs, medical spending, risk scores, inpatient admissions and readmissions, engagement, demographics, and much more. Artemis’ clinical experts helped us choose the right metrics and gather them all in one place. We pull in program data and compare it to other data sources to ensure you’re getting a holistic picture of how this point solution is delivering for you and for your members. 

Want to learn more about Artemis Console? Get in touch with our team to start measuring your point solutions. 

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