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October 10, 2023

Is 10% Engagement in a Point Solution Enough?

Artemis Health

Is the investment paying off, or should the program be dropped? With budgets under scrutiny, HR leaders across the country struggle to validate the expense of digital health programs that are, by design, different from traditional health solutions. At Artemis, we are helping our clients assess the effectiveness of their programs in a new way, using innovative methodologies, metrics, and tools tailored for a rapidly evolving point solution industry.

One client we recently helped is a large global manufacturer client looking for clarity on whether their maternity point solution was worth renewing. They already had clear evidence that members using the program were engaging often, gave positive user feedback scores, and utilized program benefits. Overall, it was a good report card, but there was one glaring stat that was hard to reconcile: only 10% of eligible members had engaged in the program.

Confused women. Graph calling out 10%

So, our client turned to Artemis for help. Our team went to work using a dataset consisting of nearly two years of point solution enrollment metrics, health plan eligibility data, and self-insured medical and PBM claims files. Aggregated, integrated, and matched at the individual member level, we then conducted our comprehensive 5-pillar point solution evaluation methodology.

Participation, Behavior Utilization, Improved Health outcomes, effects on spend, User Satisfaction
5-pillar point solution evaluation methodology

Using this methodology, our client confidently decided to renew their point solution. They uncovered some hidden value buried in the data that pointed to the fact that the program was helping members with elevated health risks, showed signs of improved health outcomes (e.g., reduced ER visits and maternity complications). There were also indications of meaningful financial savings for both members and the plan.

If you would like to learn more about this success story or better understand the ways Artemis can help you evaluate the performance of your point solutions, please contact us here.

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