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August 4, 2021

Artemis Monthly Insights: How We're Offering Custom Stories for Artemis Customers

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Benefits leaders have a lot on their minds. They’re juggling improving employee health, answering C-suite questions, keeping up with industry trends, recruiting in a tight market, and more. One thing they all have in common is their focus on hot benefits topics that affect employees. 

Industry research shows some of your top concerns in 2021 include mental health resources, telemedicine, diversity/equity/inclusion, maternal health, and many more. Artemis Health wants to help employers and benefits advisors stay ahead of hot topics like these. That’s why our team of trusted analytic advisors builds custom Stories on important topics in our industry. 

Each month, our team chooses a relevant topic and builds what we call our Monthly Insights. These custom Stories walk through key metrics, learnings, and potential actions employers can take based on their benefits data. An analytic advisor from our team rolls this Story out to each Artemis customer, and holds a webinar to walk through the results and methodology. 

Monthly Insights add tremendous value to Artemis customers by helping them stay abreast of hot topics, build useful analytics and reports, and connect with other customers on what’s driving their benefits trend.

Let’s look at a few examples of our Monthly Insights. 

Dashboard showing data around specialty prescription spending.

This screenshot shows our Specialty Rx Monthly Insight, which dives into a high cost drug category. Most employers worry about the rising cost of prescription drugs, and they know there are a few key conditions that drive specialty Rx spending. This Story gives a broad overview of what’s driving prescription spending, how many members are affected, and how employers can keep an eye on trends. 

Let’s look closely at one particular section of this Story, which focuses on the price per quantity of specialty prescriptions.

Table with the highest cost specialty drugs

You can see in this sample data (not a real member population) that a few name brand drugs have an average price per quantity over $10,000. Moreover, the most expensive specialty drugs are being prescribed to just a handful of members. This might help employers decide on formulary management measures to help reduce costs without affecting member health. 

Now let’s look at another Monthly Insight Story focused on immunization awareness. 

Dashboard showing immunization recommendations and compliance for children

Again, we see a broad overview of the members by age bins and which immunizations are recommended for these dependents on the plan. The Artemis analytics team has added in context to each of these sections of the Story to explain which immunizations are recommended for each age group at which intervals. From birth to age 2, 68% of members in the sample data are getting their recommended immunizations during the time period. For children ages 3 through 10, that number drops to 52%. This helpful information may inform an employer’s benefits communication strategy. 

Finally, let’s look at one additional Monthly Insight from the Artemis team focusing on cancer. 

Dashboard showing several metrics around cancer in a sample population

This overview shows the potential impact of cancer on a sample member population. This analysis looks at:

  • The overall number of members being treated for cancers 
  • What percentage of the population is affected
  • Employer paid amounts and trends 
  • Prevalence of certain types of cancer 
  • Emergency room visits for members with cancer diagnoses 

And many more. A cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is a big disruption for any member. It affects the entire family, and employers are often able to offer support beyond providing healthcare benefits. Employers may use a Monthly Insight like this one to budget, plan for additional resources, and communicate with members when they’re facing a lengthy illness. 

We hope the Artemis team’s Monthly Insights are helpful to our customers and showcase key topics in our industry. 

If you’d like to learn more about Artemis Health’s data analytics platform, watch our 2-minute demo video. 

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