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February 17, 2023

Health Plans, Health Equity, and Data

Sanjay Motwani
Artemis by Nomi Health

I had the privilege to attend a health plan conference recently, and I took away several insights related to data opportunities for health plans and the health equity work that is being done in the industry.  

Here’s what stuck out:

Measure to Maximize.

In 2023 (and likely in 2024) most employers are not looking to add new programs but rather focus on maximizing value from existing investments. There was universal agreement by the health plan leaders that they need to demonstrate that point solutions are bringing value to their members.  

More Flexible Data.

In our session, we heard multiple questions from the audience that validated Artemis’ focus on reducing friction with healthcare data. Flexible data provides actionable insights that employers and their advisors/payers can use to improve member outcomes.

Competitive Edge.

Employers are rightly concerned about reducing healthcare spending, and Health Plans are keen to present competitive offerings to meet their needs. Health Plans also know that employers want relevant and timely support, which easily explored data can provide to prove the value that Health Plans are bringing.

Health Equity Now in Focus for Health Plans.

Within Artemis, we have talked about SDOH (Social Determinants of Health) in the context of Medicaid and Medicare population. Health Plans are now focused to lead the charge in expanding health equity through quality agenda. In the concluding session, several health plans spoke about employers, even when they are keen on reducing healthcare costs, wanting to deploy benefits strategies that address healthcare equity. Health plans are adding equity-related quality measures to value-based contracts with providers and are looking for insights like Artemis that can connect the dots across various SDOH domains.  

In order to improve the healthcare system for everyone, especially those most vulnerable, stakeholders at all levels of the system must worktogether to use data effectively. Ready to improve the health of the populations you impact? Let's chat.
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