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August 14, 2023

Artemis SDOH Insights Turns Good Intentions into Practical Solutions

Artemis Health

Artemis announces transformative solution that helps plan sponsors pinpoint SDOH barriers and deploy targeted strategies

Artemis SDOH Insights provides a new lens through which clients can see hidden health risks among their members—and practical insights for taking action.

In a landscape where the impact of SDOH can no longer be overlooked, countless businesses are grappling with the financial repercussions on both employee well-being and their bottom line. Now, with SDOH Insights, Artemis clients finally have access to the tools and resources they need to build solutions that truly work, socially and economically.  

“How much are SDOH factors affecting my population and plan spend? Realistically, what can I do about it?”

Sanjay Motwani, President of Artemis, recalls a particularly impactful interaction at a conference back in 2021 that prompted him to kickstart an Artemis SDOH solution. An HR leader politely interrupted him mid-sentence to say, “Sanjay, you don’t need to convince me that my company’s SDOH risks are real, widespread, or costly – I’m literally confronted every day by employees struggling to pay medical bills, access mental health care, and find transportation to work. I’ve attended the conferences, I’ve seen the reports, and I’ve listened to the experts. The reality is that employees are looking to me for solutions, and I still don’t have them.”

Nearly two years later, this sentiment is resonating more and more throughout healthcare’s leading employers, health plans, providers, brokers, and point solutions. For Sanjay and the Artemis SDOH Insights development team, this sentiment offered a profound truth that became an often repeated mantra, serving to fuel their motivation and shape their development efforts. It was common for the team to pressure test product choices with this simple question: “Does [X feature] actually help a user improve the decisions they’ll make or actions they’ll take?”

Platform screenshot: How SDOH are Measured

Artemis SDOH Insights Turns Inaction to “In Action”

The end result of this two-year transformative journey is an action-oriented SDOH product that not only helps users untangle the complex knots of SDOH data, but provides newfound clarity on the right solutions to deploy. For those truly looking to answer SDOH’s hardest questions and find ways to take meaningful action, count on Artemis SDOH Insights to help in the following ways:

  • Identify SDOH barriers that impact employees' health, well-being, and productivity  
  • Develop SDOH-specific population cohorts that correlate SDOH with health data  
  • Prioritize interventions that will have the most impact on cost and quality of care  
  • Measure the effectiveness of strategic interventions on populations with SDOH risks  
  • Deploy care solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of SDOH population cohorts  

This is just the start, and we welcome all to join us on this important journey.

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Learn how Artemis Health can simplify your path to a better benefits program.

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