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February 11, 2020

What Sets Artemis Health Apart from Traditional Data Warehouses?

Artemis Health

Self-insured employers and benefits advisors have a lot of options when it comes to business technology. If you’re like most of us, you get emails, phone calls, and even snail mail every day from someone wanting to show you the latest business intelligence software, human resources management tools, or video conferencing app. 

It’s hard to see exactly how these overlapping tools differ, and that’s even more true for specialized technology like a data warehouse. But not all data warehouses are created equal. Some health and benefits analytics tools are traditional, others are cutting-edge. Some are built for a wide range of business intelligence uses, others are built just for benefits analytics. Some are meant to be used by expert actuaries or analysts, and others are made for those of us without analytics backgrounds. 

Benefits professionals have a range of differing needs and opinions when it comes to choosing a data analytics partner, and we want to make it as easy as possible to find out what Artemis can do, how it’s different from other tools, and our philosophy for how a health analytics platform should work. So we’re laying our cards on the table; this is what sets us apart from traditional data warehouses. 

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned analyst, you can find fast answers to tough questions. 

This is key for Artemis. We believe anyone should be able to get data insights from a health analytics platform. Many of our clients turn to an analyst, consultant, or broker as the primary user of Artemis, and that’s great. We love working alongside benefits advisors to help employers get answers from their benefits data. Many employers also want their own access to the Artemis Platform, and that’s great too. They want to be able to find quick answers on their own. 

The Artemis Platform is built to accommodate both these types of users: experts conducting deep, custom analyses AND casual users who mostly access standard reports or quick questions. Artemis is carefully designed so you can log in and navigate quickly and easily. We also conduct training and offer ongoing support for clients who are getting familiar with the tools. 

Made for Benefits

Join a community of innovators, stay on top of trends, and help drive the future of benefits in the U.S. 

Some traditional data warehouses weren’t necessarily built for the benefits industry. While they may allow deep analysis on hot benefits topics, you might have to export data or use outside tools to create charts and graphs. Artemis was founded and built from the ground up with the needs of benefits professionals in mind, and we want benefits professionals to be able to conduct all analysis activities inside the platform. 

Additionally, we put a priority on developing a community of customers who can help us improve our product, address new trends, and create better healthcare for everyone. We host an annual client conference, Elevate, where benefits experts can gather to share ideas and showcase benefits initiatives that are making a difference for their members and communities. Our clients, whether they’re advisors or employers, enjoy forging new connections and working together to improve healthcare. 

Artemis users can also connect through the Artemis Community, which offers training materials, discussion forums, product documentation, and an avenue for feedback. 

Fast & Flexible Reporting

Stop waiting—have accurate answers at your fingertips so you never have to say, “I don’t know.”

In our recent research study, we learned some surprising things about benefits leaders. They shared some of their biggest challenges when accessing their benefits data:

Chart showing the data challenges facing benefits leaders.
Research study results: fast answers are key.

While trustworthy data ranked first in their list of concerns at 41%, quick answers was right behind, with 40% of benefits leaders identifying speed as an issue. So how fast is fast? Some benefits leaders tell us they can get a simple data point (i.e. the percentage of their population who are high cost claimants) in a matter of minutes, while others tell us this info might take weeks or even months to make it to their desks. That’s time that we think would be better spent helping your population get access to better care. 

Speed is one of the key features of the Artemis Platform. We track and improve our query speed, allow fast filtering, and enable easy downloads so users can share pertinent data with others in their organization fast. 

It’s also important to us that users have the flexibility they need to do custom reporting. We work with experts to ensure they have the metrics, benchmarking data, and the tools needed to make data-driven decisions. 

Tech-Enabled Services

Our modern tech gives you a lift with specially built tools that evolve quickly.

Some legacy data warehouses have robust capabilities, but aren’t changing with the needs of the industry. They were built for a different technology landscape and aren’t able to pivot and evolve. 

The mountain benefits leaders must climb to find data insights.
The mountain to data insights.

Think of getting data insights like climbing a mountain. There are waypoints along the way, and some lead you further up the mountain (data enrichments, benchmarks, etc.), while others turn you back to the trailhead. With legacy data warehouses, you might make it partway up the mountain with technology, but a lot of them also rely on consultative expertise to get to the top. They have to provide that lift to the top through custom reports, and there are often extra costs associated with it. 

Artemis is using a different tactic. It’s like a ski lift or gondola that takes you to the top of the data mountain. The platform itself is designed to enable those extra insights without additional costs for more complex reporting, and the tool is constantly evolving to meet those needs. Through continual innovation, data enrichments, and added tools, we provide extra value without adding professional service fees. Plus, our proprietary data models bubble up data insights automatically so clients and consultants can focus on taking action. 

Built in the U.S. 

Your data is never outsourced or offshored, and is always secure.

Artemis was founded with the lofty goal of fixing healthcare in the U.S. Talk to just about any American, and you’ll hear a story of how they struggled to pay medical bills, access care when they needed, or find a doctor in their network. Our founders at Artemis have stories of their own, and they wanted to do something about it. Since nearly 50% of Americans get their healthcare through their employers, that’s where they decided to start. 

This focus means that Artemis was designed, built, and improved over the years with U.S. employers in mind. Our team is all located in the United States, and we are experts on the challenges facing Americans as they access healthcare. Additionally, we never outsource any client data to overseas analysts or engineers. We follow strict security guidelines that give our clients peace of mind. 

A Holistic View

Connect all your benefits partners to find insights that impact employee engagement and satisfaction. 

The average self-insured employer is administering 10+ benefits programs, and that means 10+ data feeds to mine for insights. It’s critical that employers and advisors are able to look across those feeds, compare the data, and get a holistic view of what’s happening with their population. 

Here’s a good example. We worked with one client and their consultant to confirm a hunch. They suspected their population was struggling with behavioral health issues, including depression and anxiety. 

They wanted to justify a new behavioral health benefit that helped members get the care they needed. So we helped them with a holistic benefits analysis. We built four “cohorts,” or groups of members: those with depression or anxiety diagnoses, and two control groups without those conditions. Then we compared the groups across a few metrics: 

  • Per member per month medical costs 
  • Prescription costs
  • Absenteeism rates 
  • Disability claims 
  • ER visits 
  • And comorbid conditions 
Chart showing how members with depression and anxiety were struggling.
How depression and anxiety diagnoses affect a member population.

Clear visualizations showed a larger view of how these conditions were affecting members. They’re more likely to miss work, incur higher costs, spend more time on short-term disability, visit the ER more often, and have a comorbid musculoskeletal diagnosis. 

This holistic view of the data enabled the client and consultant to justify adding behavioral health programs and resources for members. They’re taking a proactive approach to improve employee wellness and address high cost conditions. 

So that’s how Artemis stands out from other data warehouse vendors. We know it’s not easy to compare health and benefits analytics tools, so we hope this helps explain our philosophy and focus. 

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