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February 19, 2019

Getting the Most from Standard Stories

Artemis Health

We’ve been getting great feedback from our partners and customers since we launched the Standard Stories App a few months back. This piece of the Artemis Platform focuses on key, need-to-know benefits info that’s at your fingertips. While many of these types of “standard reports” are static, we built ours with a bit of customization for further exploration.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways you can get the most from Artemis Standard Stories.


While Standard Stories are set to measure data points for your entire population, you’ll get a deeper dive by using filters. Simply click the Filters button to open the menu. You can use pre-populated filters to quick-select common breakdowns like age bins, member status, or medical plan. If you want to dive deeper, you can type in common filters as well.

Date Picker

As with any analysis or Story in Artemis, you can adjust the period using the Date Picker in Standard Stories.

This allows you to compare the current period to the prior period, track claims that are incurred vs. paid, and extend the analysis period as needed. Within Standard Stories, this can help you get a deeper view of the most important information within your benefits data.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at the Standard Story around High Cost Claimants focused on medical spend. By adjusting the analysis dates, you’ll get a good sense for how the HCC trend has changed over time, if your initiatives are having an impact, and how to predict future spending for these types of members.

PDF Download

Picture this scenario: you’re heading into a meeting with a large group of executives and stakeholders from across your organization. They’re looking for an overview of benefits spending, and they just want the high-level info. You can’t just show them the Artemis Platform because of privacy concerns. So what do you do?

Enter the PDF Download feature in Standard Stories.

We rolled this out in response to feedback and suggestions from Artemis customers who run into scenarios like the one above. They need to securely share and present their data findings, but they don’t want too many folks within their organization to have access to the sensitive data within the Artemis Platform.

The PDF Download recreates the same user-friendly layout as the Standard Story in the Artemis Platform, with clear visuals, key talking points, and metrics that tell a story.

These tips are just a few of the ways Artemis is helping benefits leaders find insights and take action with their data.

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