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March 24, 2020

Here’s How Artemis Health is Responding to COVID-19

Artemis Health

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for us all. Deserted airports, empty grocery store shelves, and businesses closing their doors all evoke something out of a movie, but they are the current reality in many parts of the world right now. We know you’ve gotten dozens, maybe hundreds, of messages from the companies you do business with about their Coronavirus response plans. So we’ll keep this short and to the point. 

The short version.

We’re on top of things and we’re here to help in any way we can.

The longer version.

We’ve taken precautions, we’re operating smoothly, and we’re doing our part.

We’ve instituted a work from home policy to make it easy for our team to practice social distancing. This both protects our team and ensures we can continue to support you without interruption. This was an easy transition for us because many of our team members work remotely every day. Our operations, data infrastructure, security, and communications are all operating smoothly, so you can focus on your people and not waste time worrying about the security of your data or the performance of the platform.

Because we don’t have to spend cycles shifting to a distributed workforce, we’re spending those cycles working on analytics to help you manage this outbreak with your employees and staying highly engaged with our local community to help out with efforts to expand access to testing and support services.

A story to help you fight fear with data.

We’ve created an Artemis story that will help our customers apply validated, known COVID-19 risk factors to their own populations. It was created by our clinicians (who happened to be on the team working with providers treating some of the first cases in Washington) and our team of talented analysts. Our hope is that this will arm you with data to approach this crisis systematically, rather than reactively, with communication, policy decisions, and planning for the future.

Watch the video walkthrough of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Story here. 

For those who aren’t Artemis customers or currently working with a data partner, we hope this analysis will give you some tips for getting the right data from your carriers, broker/advisor, and other benefits vendors. Additionally, we will update our COVID-19 Resources page frequently with other helpful information for employers and advisors responding to this crisis on behalf of their organizations. 

We’re planning on providing customers as much data support as we can to help them manage through this outbreak. We’ve created infrastructure to monitor the new codes that relate directly to the outbreak, and we’ll share additional stories to help them track the spread in their populations and monitor the effectiveness of their preventive measures. 

How else can we help?

Please let us know if you have any ideas or requests for how we can support our customers, partners, and community through this unprecedented time. We’re always listening. 

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