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May 7, 2019

Highlights from Elevate 2019, the Artemis User Conference

Artemis Health

Last week, Artemis Health welcomed our clients, partners, and prospects to Park City, Utah for Elevate 2019, our second annual client conference. We gathered to learn about hot topics in benefits data analytics, discuss trends and best practices, and connect with other like-minded innovators in our industry. We shared plans and ideas for the future of healthcare data, including new improvements to the Artemis Platform.

Today we’re highlighting some quotes from the event that will stay with us in the coming months. Let’s dive in!

“Our internal success metric at Artemis is the number of lives that we influence.”

-Grant Gordon, CEO at Artemis Health

“I realized that where you look is where you’ll go. And that’s true in life as well as skeleton. I can shift my gaze to where I want to go.”

-Noelle Pikus Pace, Olympic Silver Medalist in skeleton

“We want to make sure employees are engaged in their own well-being so they can be at their best inside and outside of work.”

-Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits at Paychex

“We have this data, and now we have to decide what we’re using it for and what we’re going to do next.”

-Tony Yang, UC SHIP

“We realized we needed to take the online patient reviews as proxies for broader patient satisfaction, plus we need to compare them against other clinical data. It’s hard to know if patient feedback is an accurate measure of provider quality, but we do know that it is what patients are using to make provider decisions.”

-Reed Mollins, Chief Strategy Officer at

“What really resonates with my CFO is lost work days. He can see immediately that this will have an impact on the business.”

-Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits at Paychex

“These are my colleagues, not diagnoses or high cost claimants.”

-Linda Brady, Healthcare Strategy and Policy at Boeing

“You don’t have to be ready to say, ‘I’m going to do all bundled payments’ or ‘I’m going to revamp all my hospital relationships.’ Even if you’re not equipped to do a complete overhaul, you can simply watch the data and make it clear to your providers that you’re doing it. Expect answers and pester. Never stop pestering.”

-Leah Binder, President & COO at The Leapfrog Group

“We’re hoping that by focusing on MSK health, we can intervene early and prevent more costly and invasive procedures later in life.”

-Amy Broghammer, Health and Welfare Benefits Manager at Danaher

“I can’t go to my operations folks without any metrics. They’ll say, ‘That’s an interesting opinion.’”

-Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits at Paychex

“Most of the data on provider quality goes directly to the providers to help them mitigate costs. Little of it is going to patients.”

-Shane Wolverton, SVP of Corporate Development, Quantros

“When you, our clients, think about the Artemis Product, you’re not differentiating between the data, the tools, and the clinical expertise. So we’re not doing that either.”

-Chris Savoie, VP of Product at Artemis Health

“For purchasers, and to some extent for consumers, quality should always drive decision-making around value.”

-Leah Binder, President & COO at The Leapfrog Group

“Pay for Performance vs. Fee for Service in healthcare is a hot topic. It’s not going away. Everyone is interested in how to incentivize providers, how to avoid improper incentives, and how to do a good job of evaluating health systems.”

-Bryson Pope, Data Scientist at Artemis Health

“It’s okay to fail at Danaher, but we have to fail fast. We’re open to piloting, but we need to see results quickly.”

-Amy Broghammer, Health and Welfare Benefits Manager at Danaher

“We want our users to get to the Artemis Platform and be able to determine what is the next, best action to take.”

-Chris Savoie, VP of Product at Artemis Health

“When there’s a critical mass of anecdotes, there’s a red flag for us to follow.”

-Diana Han, Chief Medical Officer at GE Appliances

“Our strategy has changed because of this data. We’re going to target specific conditions and needs and ER utilization, instead of bombarding our 120,000 members all together.”

-Tony Yang, UC SHIP

“This is our goal: we want greater transparency, affordable healthcare, and to improve people’s lives.”

-Mitch Macfarlane, COO at Artemis Health

If you attended Elevate this year, we sincerely thank you for sharing your expertise, giving your time, and contributing to our mission. We know that with our help, we can “build the rockets” that will fix healthcare in the U.S.

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