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March 10, 2020

How Benefits Advisors and Employers are Getting Ahead of the Curve with Data

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This is the final part of our blog post series exploring how benefits professionals can get insights and get ahead using their health and benefits data. This week, we’ll look at how data can make the difference between “just keeping up” with the industry and “getting ahead of the curve.” 

Benefits leaders like you have a unique set of strengths and ambitions. You are innovative, you are motivated, and you strive to get ahead of the curve. “Good enough” is simply not in your DNA. You want to push forward, try new things, and help your organization achieve its goals. How do you think your organization matches up against industry standards today when it comes to healthcare and other benefits?

The majority of benefits leaders believe they are merely keeping up.

Chart showing percentage of survey respondents who feel they're ahead of the curve.
Only 18% of respondents feel they're ahead of the curve.

Meeting industry standards is fine. But how do you move your organization ahead of the curve? Our study revealed that one of the key differences between those merely keeping up and those moving ahead was data analytics technology.

Benefits leaders who feel they’re ahead of the curve were significantly more likely to say they rely on data analytics technology when making benefits decisions.

Data analytics can be the difference between merely implementing a new benefits program and measuring the impact of a new benefits program. Here’s an example: One Artemis Health client knew their population was at risk for high instances of Type 2 diabetes. They had already selected a diabetes care management vendor, but they didn’t know how to make sure their population was engaging with this new program. Artemis worked alongside the benefits director, their consultant, and the care management program to set goals and measure engagement over time. We were able to show that the diabetes care management program led to better prescription compliance for these members.

Employee benefits and healthcare analytics is key because it equips you with the reliable, speedy insights you need to answer key questions and keep moving. By choosing the right partner, you can design and manage benefits programs with confidence — knowing you have the information you need to make the right decisions. 

Move Your Organization Forward With Data

Artemis Health is the partner you need to overcome these challenges and get your organization ahead of the curve.

With Artemis Health, you can:

  • Take control of your data. Our robust benefits and healthcare analytics platform is easy to use and flexible for more complex analyses as needed. It enables you to look holistically at your data, gather it in one central location, and find insights that will help you better serve your member population.
  • Get insights, fast. Get meaningful insights delivered to you in seconds, not months. Make decisions faster. Answer questions sooner. Drive value for your organization every day.
  • Get ahead of the curve. With Artemis Health, you get deeper, faster, actionable insights that your competition doesn’t have. You get the tools you need to design an employee healthcare and benefits program that drives productivity, satisfaction, and well-being, and moves your organization ahead of the curve.
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