April 4, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about the Artemis Platform

We know you have them – questions about how to navigate the data awesomeness that is the Artemis Platform. Let’s dive into a few of our most frequently asked questions and give you and your team the knowledge you need to get the most from your benefit programs.

Q. I can customize the Home screen? Who else will see this view?

A. Yes, just click the “Change Home” button at the top right to add or remove apps, pin stories or visualizations, and change the titles of different sections to suit your unique needs. Click “Done Editing” to save changes. Only you will see this view – other Artemis users can customize their Home screens too.

Artemis Home Screen
‍An example of an Artemis Home screen

Q. Cutting costs is great, but I also want to provide high value to my employees. How do you tackle that?

A. Artemis is focused on quality care too, not just cost savings. For example, when we recommend changes to your pharmacy formulary, we’re only looking at drugs that provide cost savings WHILE maintaining equal potency and therapeutic equivalency. The New Program Savings can also help you evaluate new programs, justify vendor relationships, and calculate ROI. Our goal is to find waste, not find the lowest cost option.

Q. Prescription benefits are a big chunk of our spending. What kind of savings are you finding?

On average, we’re seeing about $300/member of potential savings. Those using the Inefficient Rx app are identifying about 10% of actionable waste.

Artemis Inefficient Rx App
A look inside the Artemis Inefficient Rx App

Q. Who will help me build these stories for my organization? 

A. Users are able to easily and intuitively create Visualizations, Stories, and Explorations, then add them as cards to the Stories App. Users can also clone cards and drag/drop them into the Stories App. However, if you ever need assistance, ,we provide 20 hours a month of analytic support – our team can build stories for you, or we can loop in your consultants to help.

Q. I need to show these visualizations to our executive team, but I don’t want them to have user privileges on the Artemis Platform. What should I do?

A. You can easily create visualizations and export the images or cards in the Stories App as PNG images. Then quickly add them to a presentation or save them as PDFs.

Artemis Visualize App
Save visualizations in convenient formats with the Artemis Visualize App

Q. What’s the turnaround time on running reports? 

A. Standard, ad hoc reports can run in seconds, and the results are available instantaneously. Previously saved reports can be refreshed in seconds. Custom reports will go through the Artemis Customer Success team, and requests are typically fulfilled in a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the request.

Q. What kind of wellness programs can be measured in the Initiatives App?

A. Any program that you can measure participation or engagement can be measured in the Initiatives App. During implementation, we’ll figure out what data points are most helpful, then work with the vendor to get the data and measure its effectiveness using cohorts. We use a 1:1 matched pairs cohort analysis to see the impact of a wellness program.

Artemis Iniatives App
Using cohorts to track program success in Artemis

Q. How long does it take to implement Artemis for a typical client?

A. We get it – it takes a lot of time and effort to implement a new platform like Artemis. We break implementation into a few phases depending on how many vendor files need to be integrated (we recommend between 4-7 per phase). Historically, we have seen the first phase take between 4-6 months to implement and go live depending on the vendors selected (medical, Rx, and eligibility), and each remaining phase takes about 3 months. We work directly with your vendors and take the heavy-lifting off your plate as much as possible. It’s part of our “white glove” service approach.

We’ll bet this is just the start of your questions about the Artemis Platform, and we’re happy to answer them all. Get in touch for more information on how we do what we do.

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