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April 7, 2017

Three Artemis Success Stories from Real Customers

Artemis Health

The Artemis Platform isn’t just about finding cost savings for our customers; it’s about making sure the dollars they’re spending are being used wisely and efficiently without compromising member care.

Artemis Health was founded with the mission of impacting healthcare costs for patients AND employers. Here are some stories of how we’re accomplishing this, one data set at a time.

Customer A.

A data & analytics company

The situation.

192% of Artemis cost uncovered in fertility care analysis

The details.

This customer’s members are required to go to a designated provider for infertility care, and each member has a $10,000 per person limit of funds provided. Using the Artemis Platform, the customer discovered that some individuals were receiving up to $40,000 of coverage. The ASO wasn’t telling the member or the employer when the limit was reached or cutting funding. This customer worked with the ASO to correct this error.

Customer B.

A financial services company

The situation.

143% of Artemis cost uncovered in oversupply of medical equipment 

The details.

Some of this customer’s diabetic employees were over-purchasing glucose testing strips. To the tune of 50 strips per day (only three are needed)! The customer found this “hoarding” behavior by using the Artemis Platform, and they’ve put limits in place as a result.

Customer C.

An insurance company

The situation.

113% of Artemis cost saved by removing cosmetic drug from formulary

The details.

The Artemis Pharmaceutical team went to work for this customer and found 18 members taking prescription fish oil. Prescription fish oil is more expensive than over-the-counter products, but has been shown to be equally effective. The Artemis team recommended requiring prior authorization on Rx versions of fish oil that would only be approved if the patient had a triglyceride level above 500 and had a clinical reason for not trying OTC fish oil. The customer implemented this suggestion.

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