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July 17, 2018

Artemis Tips: All About the Admin App

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Permissions, roles, and privileges. Maybe it’s not the most exciting function of a well-designed software tool, but it’s crucial to a good user experience. Today, we want to showcase the Admin App on the Artemis Platform. It allows our users to set permissions, allow appropriate access, and manage the roles of anyone in their organization.

We created the Admin App to account for different roles within our client’s companies. Some users will need full access to create analyses and share findings, while others may only need to see a finished Story or Exploration without edit access. For our broker or consultant clients, they may want to set roles and users differently for each client in their book of business.

For each user, an Admin user can allow others to create, delete, edit and/or view certain functions in the Artemis Platform.

Admins can also add new users as needed and set individual permissions at that time. Additionally, it’s possible to create a new “role,” a pre-built set of permissions, and assign new users to that role. This makes it quick and easy to give appropriate access without toggling each individual function. These roles are not defined by Artemis, but by our individual clients. They can create custom roles as needed for their benefits team members, consultants, and more. This level of flexibility is key for those with large teams and strict security protocols.

In the Company section of the Admin App, you’ll find settings to help you customize some of the experiences within other Artemis Apps. In addition to password expiration settings and automatic log-out times, you can also set a “floor” for how many members are visible during any particular analysis.

Here’s an example: say you were searching for the number of members with claims for bariatric surgery by office location, but you didn’t want to see any fewer than 10 members for privacy reasons. You would use the Admin app to set the “Visible Member Result Count Floor” to 10.

You can similarly set limits for determining what makes a member a high cost claimant, as shown here:

That’s the Admin App in a nutshell. It helps our clients create the right level of access for the right people.

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