September 15, 2017

Artemis Employees Race in a Scavenger Hunt for Charity

Artemis Health
Artemis Insight

We had an exciting week at Artemis Health. Artemisians gathered for our summer activity near our Salt Lake City headquarters at Snowbird Mountain Resort. We divided into teams, coordinated outfits, and completed a custom scavenger hunt to win two prizes:

  1. The Golden Avocado trophy
  2. A $1,000 donation to your team’s favorite local charity

The winning team was “Swayze’s Swashbucklers.” They chose Burn Camp, a University of Utah program that helps burn survivors cope with their injuries, as the recipient of the Artemis donation. Check out our favorite photos from the race.

Team Swayze's Swashbuckler's attempt a cartwheel.
The Swashbucklers and Team Red Dionysus cross paths.
We included those who couldn't attend by mounting their faces on sticks. Here's Team Hades.
Team Red Dionysus executes a perfect human pyramid.
Team Avocado successfully located the wandering human avocado.
Members of Team Golden Girls are psyched to ride the Alpine Slide.
CEO Grant Gordon shows off his racing skills on the Alpine Slide.
Team Talent Pool braving the approaching thunderstorm.
Our winners, Swayze's Swashbucklers!

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